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  • Daily Grind: Paddler Jamie Mitchell talks Fijian monsters

    A legendary paddler, a legendary wave
    SUP magazine featured legendary paddler Jamie Mitchell on a monster wave in Fiji in a photo spread in their Fall issue, and as a complement to the spread they've created a flip book with audio of Mitchell talking about the wave--one he caught after working water safety at the Volcom Fiji Pro surf event that was held there in June. "The day after the contest finished, I thought it would be a great chance to get out there because everybody was partying pretty hard, so there wouldn't be too many people out there," Mitchell laughed. A few people other than Mitchell did make it out, though, including 11-time and reigning ASP world champ Kelly Slater, whose bald head you can see to the right of Mitchell in the photo below. Click here to view the flip book.

    Photo courtesy SUP magazine, Tom Servais

    'Chromatic' chronicles heaviest wave in history
    Analog Clothing released its 22-minute movie "Chromatic" today, and Surfing magazine has it downloaded and ready for your viewing pleasure right here. The movie by filmmaker Riley Blakeway features pro surfers Nathan Fletcher and Chippa Wilson, including slow-motion footage of Fletcher riding what became known as the heaviest wave in history--one he caught in Tahiti while he was there for the 2011 Billabong Pro Teahupoo. If you're not familiar with surf lingo, "heavy" refers to a wave that is so powerful, if it were harnessed it could light up Los Angeles for a day, according to former Surfer magazine editor Chris Mauro. The wave also earned Fletcher the Ride of the Year, Best Tuberide, and Men's Performance awards at the Billabong XXL Awards held in May.

    Click the photo above to watch the movie

    Classic 90-mile canoe race concludes in New York
    Canoe and Kayak magazine recently posted a gallery and race report on the 30th running of the Adirondack Canoe Classic, a famous three-day 90-mile race in the waters off the Adirondack Mountains in New York. The race runs from the city of Old Forge to Saranac Lake and 5.25 miles of it are impassable by water, meaning contestants have to carry their canoes on land until they reach calmer waters. Despite the high winds and torrential downpour, a record 275 boats participated in the event this year. To view the gallery of photos and read the race report, click here.

    Photo courtesy Canoe and Kayak, Ariel Lynch
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  • Garrett McNamara earns world record for largest wave ever surfed

    After months of debate it's official: Garrett McNamara has ridden a larger wave than any other surfer.
    The announcement was made during a competition awards ceremony Friday night that a wave McNamara conquered last November off Nazare, Portugal, measured 78 feet from trough to crest. That's one foot bigger than a wave ridden by Mike Parsons at Cortes Bank off Southern California in 2008. Guinness World Records approved the wave-height determination, which was made based on expert examination of available footage, Tuesday morning.

    The competition is the annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, which honors surfers for major accomplishments during a 12-month period.

    The XXL competition panel also determined the height of the wave Parsons rode, which was approved by Guinness.

    Said McNamara of eclipsing the record: "It's amazing we get to do what we do, I am so grateful. The world record doesn't mean as much to me, this is for the town of Nazare and Portugal and for all my family and friends there. To be able to give them something to be proud of and inspire them...

    "I didn't want to get caught up in it all, but I have to tell you the truth, when they announced my name I got a bigger rush than probably on all the waves I rode this year."

    Though McNamara was honored for riding the largest wave, Nathan Fletcher earned the prestigious Ride of the Year award. His incredible ride, snagged in Tahiti last August, was immediately hailed as a contender. Fletcher gives Surfer magazine a blow-by-blow account of this incredible ride in the video posted below:

    - Gabriel Medina issues statement with Nike Lowers Pro triumph
    - Catamaran completes epic solar-powered circumnavigation
    - Ten great spots in the U.S. for standup-paddlers
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  • Big-Wave Surfer Nathan Fletcher Earns "Ride of the Year" Honor with Historic Ride

    Nathan Fletcher earned the prestigious Ride of the Year honor at the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards in Anaheim, California this weekend. His incredible ride, which he snagged in Tahiti last August, was immediately hailed as a contender for the year-long contest for big-wave surfers. Several witnesses called it the heaviest wave ever ridden, including 11-time-world champion Kelly Slater, who told Fletcher that morning that somebody was going to catch the wave of their life that day. Nathan had no idea that it would be him. He gave SURFER Magazine his blow-by-blow account of this incredible ride.

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  • Nathan Fletcher Earns Top Honors at Billabong XXL Awards

    The Billabong XXL Awards is one event where it's probably best for all parties involved to avoid making each year bigger than the last. But the nature of the contest is to continue outdoing past records. And the 2012 XXL Awards, held at The Grove theater in Anaheim this Friday, delivered on that expectation in more ways than one.

    Nathan Fletcher took top honors for his heroics during last year's infamous "Code Red Swell" at Teahupoo. For his one death-defying session, he was awarded the Monster Tube, Best Men's Performance, and Ride of the Year.

    By the end of the night, Fletcher had taken home $60,000 for the three awards, which is still far less than you'd have to pay most surfers-- even professionals-- to risk life and limb at Teahupoo. When asked what was going through his mind during the Ride of the Year wave, he recounted thinking, "I can't survive if I don't make it to the shoulder. Then I realized I wasn't making it...To myself I was just like, 'Okay, it's been great. Life's great. This is it'... I couldn't believe I was still alive."

    With Occy as host for the evening, there was no shortage of entertaining moments to provide some comedic relief between clips of the year's heaviest big-waves. Greg Noll's appearance onstage with two Playboy Playmates, where he broke from the script, was one of the many highlights (you'll have to watch that one for yourself at 1 hr. 45 min. below). Yet no performance-- at the show or on film-- overshadowed that of Nathan Fletcher at Teahupoo.

    Complete Results:
    Men's Performance Champion: Nathan Fletcher
    Girl's Performance Champion: Maya Gabeira
    Ride of the Year Champion: Nathan Fletcher at Teahupoo, Tahiti
    Biggest Wave Champion: Garrett McNamara at Praia do Norte, Portugal
    Monster Paddle Champion: Dave Wassel at Jaws, Maui
    Monster Tube Champion: Nathan Fletcher at Teahupoo, Tahiti
    Wipeout of the Year: Garrett McNamara at North Shore, Oahu

    Watch XXL Awards Show:
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  • The 41st Annual Surfer Poll Nominees

    The 41st Annual Surfer Poll awards will take over the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore for the second year in a row on Dec. 6th, 2011. The prestigious awards will be judged by a panel comprised of SURFER staff and experts in the realm of surf filmmaking.

    Here are the 2011 nominees. Who would you pick? Head to Surfer Magazine and let them know how you feel.

    Best Barrel

    John John Florence (Get-N-Classic)
    Alex Gray (Teahupoo Uncut)
    Josh Kerr (Kerrazy Kronicles)
    Cory Lopez (Teahupoo Uncut)
    Dean Morrison (A Dingo's Tale)

    Worst Wipeout
    Kohl Christensen (Surprise Excitement Party)
    Evan Faulks (Surprise Excitement Party)
    Nathan Fletcher (Teahupoo Uncut)
    Mark Healey (Surprise Excitement Party)
    Rodrigo Koxa (Teahupoo Uncut)

    Best Digital Short
    Another Day in the Life of Wayne Lynch
    Lost Interest
    Uncommon Ideals
    Seven Ghosts: Tidal Fantasy
    Andy's Swell

    Heavy Water

    Dean Morrison
    Nathan Fletcher
    Laurie Towner
    Bruce Irons
    Mark Healey

    Best Cinematography
    Come Hell or High Water
    Float: Archipelago
    Lost Atlas
    Sight / Sound
    Year Zero

    Andy Irons Best Performance Award

    John John Florence (Get-N-Classic)
    CJ Hobgood (Year Zero)
    Josh Kerr (Kerrazy Kronicles)
    Carissa Moore (Leave A Message)
    Dean Morrison (A Dingo's Tale)
    Yadin Nicol (Year Zero)
    Dusty Payne (Lost Atlas)

    More Surfing Videos

    Best Documentary
    Lost and Found
    White Wash
    Minds In The Water

    Movie of the Year
    Lost Atlas
    Year Zero
    Kerrazy Kronicles
    Come Hell or High Water

    LOST ATLAS - TRAILER from Kai Neville Studio on Vimeo.

    Check back for predictions from each category.
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