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    Name:Nick Taylor
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  • Nike 6.0 "Aquafrolics" Interviews

    So I had the chance to get the inside scoop on the new Nike 6.0 Wakeskate Video "AquaFrolics". Aquafrolics is free for download on the nike6 site http://www.nike.com/nke6/aquafrolics/. Even if you have never wakeskated I would still check out the video. The team traveled to alot of different spots and captured some of the most progressive wakeskating to date. These guys are the best and it shows with their riding. Silas Thurman is the nike 6.0 wake team manager and a fellow wakeskater. Silas gets to travel with all the guys around the world and make sure everything gets done.

    Check out what Silas Thurman, Ben Horan, Nick Taylor have to say about the new video!

    Silas Thurman

    Pwieland: Whats it been like managing the team and getting all the guys where they need to be through out this whole video?

    Silas: This is my first run at producing a film. We had a ton of help and all the support we needed from Nike 6.0. Our team in my opinion and I'm sure a lot of others is one of the best wakeskate teams to hit the water. They are all reshaping wakeskating as we speak. Getting them to places they needed to be to make this happen is the least I could do. I feel like giving them the extra support to travel and show there talent of wakeskating to the world will just help wakeskating grow faster then ever and in the right direction.

    Pwieland: Are we gonna see any action from yourself in AquaFrolics?

    Silas: I have a couple of shots in the beggining. I'm stoked with the stuff I have, but the focus is on our team.Pwieland: You get to hang out and ride with all the guys. Whats it like?

    Pwieland: whats it like getting to hang out with the team all the time?

    Silas: All of the guys just totally destroy it on a wakeskate! There amazing. There wakeskating as you know is some of the best on the planet, but there all great guys off the water too so that makes everything even easier. I'm really just traveling around the world with friends.

    Pwieland: Your an OG in the sport did you ever think nike would have a wakeskate team and now a wakeskate video

    Silas: Back when I started you never knew where this would all go. Once I started working with Nike 6.0 5 years ago though, I could see that they were going to make a big impact on our sport. I think the future of wakeskating is looking really good right now.

    Ben Horan

    Pwieland: Your known for mainly riding behind the winch. Will your part mostly be winching?

    Ben: yeah that and riding be hind the sea-doo. i like to keep it it mellow. the boat is a wast of time for me.

    Pwieland: I heard you guys spent some time in texas? Whats so special about the scene in texas for the video?

    Ben: man texas is goin off with winch spot. but i am sure there are more states out there that can top that state. just no ones has explored it yet.

    Pwieland: Can you tell us the gnarliest thing you did shooting for the video?

    man i dont really know im not that gnarly of a guy! haha

    Nick Taylor

    Pwieland: Youve been seen locking in a lot lately. Will be seeing a lot of lock in tricks in your part in aquafrolics?

    Nick: There's a few in there, but I've got a lot of experimenting and learning to do with locking in. Moving back to the island and renovating my rail park this week is definitely going to help!

    Pwieland: Whats your favorite part about riding for Nike 6.0?

    Nick: Having a hand in shaping the products, getting to shred the results, having the opportunity to do some behind the scenes work at Nike, and having the resources available to do whatever we need/want to is awesome, BUT, nothing compares to the friendships I have because of my place at Nike 6.0... Team Managers, surfers, product designers, BMXers, filmers, snowboarders, artists...etc. some of the coolest people I know, I've gotten to know through time spent working with Nike. Silas, Ben, Andrew, and Matt especially.

    Pwieland: Best location you rode at for the video?

    Nick: We had such rad sessions everywhere we went, there wasn't one that I didn't like...

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  • Nike 6.0 Wakeskate Video "AqauFrolics" Site live.

    The Aquafrolics site is live, featuring behind the scenes content and a downloadable book of images documenting the project, shot by Josh Letchworth. The full movie will be available as a free download at the end of August.

    The 6.0 wake skate crew Ben Horan, Matt Manzari, Nick Taylor, and Andrew Pastura spent the last year traveling and filming for Nike 6.0's debut team movie, filmed by Matt Staker. Combining creative camera experimentation with progressive action, Aquafrolics reflects the crews talent and their dedication to pushing their sport. Over the next week, stay tuned as more outtakes and footage from the global premiere are uploaded. Check it at

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  • NIke 6.0 Wake Team Travel to Philippines

    The Nike 6.0 wake team have been hard at work lately filming fortheirnewest video "AquaFrolics". Traveling around the world shooting with filmmaker Matt Staker. With some of the most talented riders in the world the first nike wake video is sure to turn some heads. Check out the video of the team in the Philippines at the world famous CWC cable park.
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