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    Name:Parks Bonnifay
    Nickname:P Diddy
    Lives In:Orlando, FL
    United States
    Hometown:Winter Haven, FL
    United States
    Birthday:September 30, 1981
  • Red Bull Wake Lab, Tempe, AZ

    Red Bull Wake Lab

    Innovative Wakeboarding Experiment in Tempe Town Lake Proves Wildly Successful
    Wakeboarding Pro JD Webb takes Prize for ' Best Overall'

    Tempe, AZ ' " April 4, 2009 ' " Red Bull Wake Lab, the biggest and most innovative wakeboarding event ever devised, splashed down in Tempe Town Lake during the Circle K Tempe Music Festival on April 3rd and 4th. Over two days, more than 25,000 spectators experienced some of the nation' (TM)s top wakeboarders showing off their best tricks on the ' Wake Lab,' a one-of-a-kind floating skatepark. The first day of competition got off to a rocky start as 50 mph gusts of wind caused two of the qualifying rounds to be postponed. But Saturday brought clear skies and calm winds, and an early start allowed the event to get right back on track. At the end of a day of tight competition, four riders walked away with awards ' " Aaron Rathy (Most Progressive), Adam Errington (Best Trick), Parks Bonifay (Best Line) and JD Webb (Best Overall).

    ' Red Bull Wake Lab Tempe was hands-down the best wakeboarding event I' (TM)ve ever participated in,' said wakeboarding pro JD Webb. ' From the perfect weather to the huge, supportive crowd and the amazing, challenging structure, I was happy to just be involved, let alone win ' Best Overall.' (TM)'

    The 36 competing athletes were a combination of pros hand-selected by Parks Bonifay, X Games Gold medalist and event co-creator, along with up-and-coming riders from across the country who competed in regional qualifiers to earn their spot in the event.

    The event also featured a performance by two members of the Red Bull Air Force, a 12-man team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced skydivers, BASE jumpers and paragliders on the planet. Team members John Devore and Mike Swanson wowed the crowd as they dropped from the skies and soared into Tempe Beach Park, skillfully landing in the lake.

    Red Bull Wake Lab made its debut in Orlando, FL in September 2008, and was an instant success with riders and fans alike. Created as an experiment to see how far the boundaries of the sport of wakeboarding could be pushed, the groundbreaking event seeks to ' evolve' the sport of wakeboarding. Influenced by the design of the modern skateboarding skatepark and snowboarding snowpark, a massive ' wakepark' was specially designed with the goal of taking wakeboarding somewhere it had never been before. The result, dubbed ' The Wake Lab,' allows riders to perform sets of tricks that were once impossible, raising the sport to new levels.
    In order to evolve the sport and create new experiences for riders, a new technology needed to be introduced to take full advantage of the revolutionary wakepark structure. This came to fruition when the ' The Wake Lab' was coupled with the Sesitec System 2.0 overhead pulley system. No boats are needed to tow the wakeboarders, as this revolutionary pulley system allows athletes to take two full runs (back and forth) across the wakepark' (TM)s various
    rails, pools, sliders and 15-foot wall. The system made its US competition debut at Red Bull Wake Lab in Orlando.

    For complimentary images post-event, visit www.redbull-photofiles.com.

    Competition Semi Final / Final Results:

    Semi Finals

    Heat 1
    1. Parks Bonifay
    2. JD Webb
    3. Collin Harrington
    4. Shane Bonifay

    1. Aaron Rathy
    2. Adam Errington
    3. Yannick Thibbeut
    4. Keith Lidberg


    Heat 1
    1. JD Webb
    2. Aaron Rathy
    3. Adam Errington
    4. Parks Bonifay

    Overall Winner ' " JD Webb
    Most Progressive ' " Aaron Rathy

    Best Trick ' " Adam Errington ' " Backside Lipslide, backside 270 out on the quarter pipe
    Best Line ' " Parks Bonifay ' " Switch boardslide backslide 450 to front board, 90 out on the M gap, backside lipslide over nose slide on the angled hubba ledge
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  • ACL Action

    ACL Shred

    Just returned from a one month post op surgery visit with my orthopaedic surgeon and it was tough. On February 4th I had my third ACL surgery, miniscus scope, and bone work.
    After three surgeries, I would not change what I do, but I would do it differently.

    I began downhill skiing when I was two years old, at five I started competitively downhill ski racing. Racing took my life for five months per year, five days a week, for 11 years of my life. I only stopped racing
    when I began snowboarding with my bro as a better crossover to wakeboarding. My entire life has been filled with what are to me, regular day to day activities, but to my orthopaedic surgeon are "intense", especially when
    it comes to my knees. My first ACL surgery began when I was a junior in high school. At the time, I was full of questions and a lot of them led to unsure answers explaining
    that torn ACL's are becoming more popular. Yea, of course, they're "more popular" (as if I chose this to happen to me so I could become the popular kid in school) we all have a need to push the limits of our sport and our bodies.

    Between the time of my first surgery and this most recent one, I have learned a few lessons and also realized that the research behind ACL tears has evolved. Most importantly I will note that the best solution to an ACL tear is to
    prevent it. I can not stress how important cross training is for our sport. To you, it may seem like only the pros need trainers and specific exercises to shape their bodies to shred. You could not be more wrong. If you are a casual
    shredder, training could be more important for you. Your body is less used to the impact of riding, therefore, puting you at more of a risk for injury. Simple exercises for your quad, hamstring, and calf will better support your knee in
    times of shred. It's seriously so simple to find a trainer that can shape your legs for high impact and less injury. Please, please, exercise prevention.

    If you do find yourself with a torn ACL or any other ailment in your knee I would also suggest (probably along with your ortho surgeon) that you wear a knee brace. Today, I was told that I will be wearing my HUGE brace for the next two months,
    just to go to work! Lame, I thought. But honestly, with the state of my knee, and my third ACL, I will be donning this attractive accessory for days to come. If you feel like a tool, just check out all the pics I posted of your favorite shredders
    with their custom braces. Maybe it's the latest in wake fashion?

    Basically, I will sum up to say that it sucks to be away from my sport for six months and to know that I will need a knee replacement probably before I even retire. But from my computer to yours, I am sending you the best advice I have, prevent knee
    injuries. Exercise, train and build your legs to support your joints. If you do end up in a bend with your knees, don't be shy, wrap it up (with a brace).

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