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    Name:Paul Rodriguez
    Lives In:Chatsworth, California
    United States
    Hometown:Chatsworth, California
    United States
    Birthday:December 31, 1984
  • Justin Schulte Joins Mountain Dew Skateboarding

    Justin Schulte recently joined Boo Johnson as the newest members on Mountain Dew's skateboarding team. It's been a busy week for the Dew Team as they add yet another talented skater to their roster. Following protocol, they put together a short black and white "Welcome to the Team" edit, featuring a personal salute from Paul Rodriguez.

    Justin Schulte's Welcome to the Team Edit:
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  • Boo Johnson Joins Mountain Dew Skateboarding

    Boo Johnson from the little California mountain town of Tehachapi signed a deal to join the Mountain Dew skateboarding team. Johnson joins an impressive roster including Paul Rodriguez, Theotis Beasley, and Keelan Dadd.

    To celebrate, the Dew crew put together a short "Welcome to the Team" edit featuring kind words about the skater from his new teammates. The footage features Boo Johnson skating P-Rod's private training facility.

    Fortunately, now that Johnson is on the Mountain Dew skate team, we can look forward to seeing him compete at this year's Dew Tour Stops in Ocean City and San Francisco.

    Welcome to the Team Edit:

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  • Dew Tour Slims to 3 Events in 2012

    Over the past few months, rumors have percolated that the Dew Tour would be slimming down. Then, on Monday, April 16, those rumors were confirmed as Alli Sports announced that the 2012 Dew Tour would be comprised of three "large-scale, premium, 'grand-slam' style events."

    In conjunction with a renewed four-year partnership with Mountain Dew, Wade Martin, President & CEO of Alli Sports said, "The action sports landscape has grown and changed dramatically since we launched the Dew Tour in 2005."

    Yet Martin's reasoning that the growth of the action sports landscape would lead to a shrinking tour seems counterintuitive. A more accurate conclusion might be that the industry is in fact shrinking during the recent hard economic times. "The multi-stop series format was what the industry wanted and needed then." said Martin. "The Dew Tour changed the industry forever, taking the sports to a whole new level. The new Dew Tour, which will include three major events across beach, city, and mountain venues, represents what the athletes and industry want and need today."

    However, the slimmed schedule is drawing mixed reviews from competitors in both the summer and winter sports. Seth Hill, a pro snowboarder who has competed in all of the Winter Dew Tour events for the past two years said, "I loved the three tour stops. If they are only going to do one winter contest, it has to be big, like X Games big, and it's just a bit early in the season for that large of a contest."

    Paul Rodriguez, pro skater and Mountain Dew athlete, looks forward to the change and commented, "Bringing the events to venues that have such a strong history in skate will step up the level of competition, and I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together."

    It will be interesting to see if the new condensed format will help or hinder the progression of action sports. Less contests means fewer chances for athletes to showcase their talents to the mainstream, which may cause a decline in the number of sponsorships available. However, a smaller competitive schedule gives riders a bit of a reprieve from the overly saturated contest circuit, which may help them to perform better at other events.

    Here are the dates for the 2012 Dew Tour Schedule:

    Beach: Ocean City, Maryland- August 16-19
    City: San Francisco, California- October 18-21
    Mountain: Breckenridge, Colorado- December 13-16
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  • Ryan Decenzo wins the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas

    Ryan Decenzo won the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas to earn his first ever overall Dew Cup. One event after earning his first major contest victory Decenzo made it two in a row.

    Decenzo came into the Dew Tour Championships ranked first overall and a win in Vegas guaranteed him the Dew Cup. His nollie backside heelflip down the stairs was just one in a list of solid tricks that earned him the win and the Dew Cup. He finished with a score of 90.28.

    "The first time I ever competed on the Dew Tour it was obviously a dream and a goal to make it to this point, and I did, so I'm super proud of myself," Ryan said.

    Last year's Gatorade Free Flow Tour winner Alec Majerus advanced to the final jam. With a frontside feeble on the rail, frontside noseblunt slide and smooth style, it earned him his first Dew Tour podium with a score of 85.13 and a second-place-finish. The 16-year-old from Minnesota has made it into every final this season.

    Greg Lutzka's 270 to switch front blunt and a frontside flip to flat, was enough to finish third with 84.25

    1 Ryan Decenzo 90.28
    2 Alec Majerus 85.13
    3 Greg Lutzka 84.25
    4 Scott Decenzo 84.08
    5 Brendon Villanueva 80.93
    6 Danilo Do Rosario 80.13
    7 Mario Saenz 78.50
    8 Paul Rodriguez 77.75
    9 Manny Santiago 75.70
    10 Adam Dyet 75.25

    Overall Dew Cup Standings
    1. Ryan Decenzo
    2. Paul Rodriguez
    3. Greg Lutzka
    4. Alec Majerus
    5. Danilo do Rosario
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  • T&C Surf Designs: 40th Anniversary

    T&C Surf Designs turned 40 and the boys from Plan B went to Hawaii to celebrate, skate, and cause a little bit of trouble. The boys included: P. Rod, Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Danny Way and even funny man Nick Swardson was in the mix.

    In between skate demos and signings they found time for rock jumps into salt water pools, 3 wheeled scooter races, karaoke, and taking in all that beauty, that is Oahu.

    Check out video below of all the shenanigans.

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