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  • Ortiz Wins Toyota Challenge

    GRINDTV Newswire via Allied - Stage is Set for Winner-Take-All at Dew Tour Championships in Vegas Between Greg Lutzka, Chaz Ortiz, Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez.

    Salt Lake City, Utah - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - Chicago's Chaz Ortiz, 16, won the skate park final at the Dew Tour's Toyota Challenge, marking his second win in Salt Lake City over the last three years. The victory puts Ortiz in second in the overall Dew Tour rankings behind Greg Lutzka of Milwaukee, Wisc., with Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez close behind in third and fourth respectively.

    The skate park super final came down to a six-man battle between Ortiz, Lutzka, Sheckler, Rodriguez, Ryan Decenzo and Carlos De Andrade. In the end, Ortiz came out on top of the podium after throwing out a big flip frontboard, a smooth kickflip 50/50, front blunt and a nose blunt for a winning score of 89.25. Lutzka, 25, placed second with an 88.90 and Sheckler, 20 of San Clemente, Calif., rounded out the podium in third with an 84.55.

    "I feel pretty good going into Vegas," said Ortiz. "It's going to be an intense final, but I'm going to try my best and just have fun."

    Results from today's skate park final set the stage for a winner-takes-all in Vegas between skateboard superstars Lutzka, Ortiz, Sheckler and Rodriguez. With only 40 points separating fourth place (Rodriguez) and first place (Lutzka), everything will be on the line at the Dew Tour Championships in October.

    The four-day skateboarding, BMX and freestyle motocross event will conclude tomorrow with the skateboard vert finals and BMX park finals. The Dew Tour will continue on to Las Vegas for the final event of the season - the Dew Tour Championships this October at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

    Skateboard Park Finals
    1. Chaz Ortiz, Chicago, Ill., 89.25. 2. Greg Lutzka, Milwaukee, Wisc., 88.90. 3. Ryan Sheckler, San Clemente, Calif., 84.55. 4. Paul Rodriguez, Tarzana, Calif., 83.55. 5. Ryan Decenzo, Canada, 81.63. 6. Carlos De Andrade, Brazil, 78.33. 7. Sierra Fellers, Whitefish, Mont., 76.70. 8. Jereme Rogers, Boston, Mass., 72.85. 9. Bastien Salabanzi, France, 72.20. 10. Fabrizio Santos, Brazil, 69.40. 11. Adam Dyet, Salt Lake City, Utah, 68.05. 12. Andrew Pott, Inglewood, Calif., 55.80.

    Dew Cup Rankings - Skate Park
    1. Greg Lutkza, 280. 2. Chaz Oritz, 264. 3. Ryan Sheckler, 248. 4. Paul Rodriguez, 240. 5. Bastien Salabanzi, 204. 6. Ryan Decenzo, 172. 7. Sierra Fellers, 167. 8. Jereme Rogers, 153. 9. Rodolfo Ramos, 147. 10. Danilo Do Rosario, 145.

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  • Malto Goes Perfect In Street League Qualifier

    Sean Malto completed the first ever perfect heat in Street League skateboarding Friday at the Citizen's Bank Arena, in Ontario, CA, when he landed 21 of 21 tricks in his qualifier, and in the process brought home the highest score of the day an 81.5. Malto finished forth at the first Street League in Glendale, Arizona, and is looking to move further up the standing in the Final on Saturday.

    Besides Malto's performance the story of the day was the less than stellar skating of the top three in AZ. Nyjah Huston, Shane "Nugget" O'Neill and Torey Pudwill finished one, two and three at the Jobing.com Arena two weeks ago and all three failed to qualify for the Final. They'll be skating against each other in the Last Chance Qualifier on Saturday, all battling for the one last slot into the main event.

    Here are the Top 6 Qualifiers:

    1. Sean Malto - 81.5

    2. Greg Lutzka - 79.5

    3. Chris Cole - 74.8

    4. Paul Rodriguez - 72.0

    5. Chaz Ortiz - 71.5

    6. Ryan Sheckler - 69.3

    Photo: Rob Brink via Etnies
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  • Street League: Next Stop Ontario

    The second stop of Rob Drydek's revolutionary new contest venture, Street League Skateboarding, is set to go down Saturday September, 11 at the Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. This is the middle stop of a three stop series in 2010 that began at the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale AZ, and will end at the Thomas Mackey Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

    Now that we've seen the new ISX judging system, one that instantly scores the skaters in this trick-by-trick format the bigger picture is beginning to take shape.

    First and foremost, we have an idea of who is going to shine. Names like Nyjah Huston, Shane "Nugget" O'Neill, Torey Pudwill and Sean Malto. With the exception of Nugget, a guy who's talent had been known by the skate industry for some time but to the mainstream is a bit of an unknown, these names should come as no surprise.

    We now also know who needs to either change their Street League approach, or simply step their games up. These are the guys who were expected to do very well, for two of them anything short of a win is a disappointment. This list includes: Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez, Chaz Ortiz and Greg Lutzka. These skateboarders make up slots 5 through 8 in the overall standings. Cole, who is currently ranked 5th, and Rodriguez, who is currently ranked 7th, really need to bounce back from disappointing finishes (for them) in AZ. Remember, these are the only two skaters to ever win a Maloof Money Cup. Then there's Ortiz and Lutzka who have had stellar years over on the Dew Tour with Lutzka currently ranked 1st overall and Ortiz 2nd.

    Finally, the AZ stop put a little bit more proof to the hunch we all had about the straight up video guys. These are the skaters that have put together some of the best video sections skateboarding has ever seen, and at the same time have been virtually unknowns in the contest world. Dyrdek wanted the best skateboarding had to offer, and these guys certainly are, but not so much in a competition. Look for names such as: Mark Appleyard, Davey Gonzalez, Dylan Rieder, Mike Mo Capaldi and Brandon Biebel to struggle once again. All of these skateboarders have had incredible rolls in videos over the years. Appleyard in all the Flip videos, Gonzalez in the most recent Flip video, Extremely Sorry, Mo Calpaldi and Biebel in Fully Flared and Dyaln Rieder in Mind Field and .Dylan (a Gravis short film). But in the setting of skateboarding as a sport these guys will probably remain extras.

    The qualifiers will start Friday and it will be interesting to see who makes it through, since everyone has to qualify. And the main event is Saturday, by the end of the day, a somber day in American history (9th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks), we will have a better idea of what Street League Skateboarding is amounting to.

    Here are the current standings straight from Street League:
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  • Nike SB And P.Rod In NYC

    The Nike SB skate team was recently in New York City cruising the streets and putting on a demo for the kids. And yes the big names did show up. And when talking of Nike SB the big names are Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez. The reason was the launch of P.Rod's new shoe the Paul Rodriguez Zoom IV. To coincide with the release Nike has set up mini-site with high quality photos and video, cruise over by clicking here.
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  • P.Rod Wins In Portland

    Paul Rodriguez got back to his winning ways Saturday with a first place finish at the second Skate Park stop of the Dew Tour, The Wendy's Invitational, at the Rose Garden in Portland, OR. He unleashed a storm of technical tricks including a switch 360 kickflip and switch backside tailslide down the stair set.

    Dew Tour Boston winner, Greg Lutzka, kept his overall lead in the season standings with a second place finish, and Chas Ortiz brought home his second straight third place finish on the tour.

    Ryan Sheckler was going for it all day with a huge backside flip and backside 360 over the big gap. He was even attempting a backside 360 kickflip over the same gap that he nearly landed, which would of propelled him into a podium finish. One skater that seemed like he may have been underscored all day was Bastien Salabanzi. He is simply put, technically brilliant on a skateboard, and was just rifling through some extremely difficult tricks in the jam session.

    Next stop is Salt Lake City, UT for the Toyota Challenge, which is an important stop for Lutzka. If he can put together another strong finish his overall championship chances will be looking very well.

    Here are the full results of the final:

    1. Paul Rodriguez - 86.40
    2. Greg Lutzka - 85.83
    3. Chaz Ortiz - 85.38
    4. Ryan Sheckler - 82.81
    5. Bastien Salabanzi - 80.65
    6. Rodolfo Ramos - 80.60
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