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    Name:Ry Craike
    Lives In:Kalbarri
    Hometown:Wonthaggi, Victoria
    Birthday:March 14, 1985
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    Hailing from the Western Coast of Australia, "Craikey", as he has been dubbed, takes an acrobatic approach to riding a wave and uses his surfing as a major outlet for expressing his creativity. Using the lefts on the isolated reefs in front of his hometown of Kalbarri, Craike is known for his ability to connect huge airs (notably frontside air reverses) to clean turns and beyond-vertical snaps. His skills carry over to the competition arena as well: Craike has won Quiksilver Airshows all across the globe, from Perth to the Caribbean to New Zealand.

    While his aerial antics and smooth style have turned heads at beaches all around Australia for years, the world really first started to take notice of Craike through his strong parts in Drive Thru Europe, Young Guns 2, and in Taylor Steele's Campaign 2. In fact, on the Young Guns trip to the Metawais in 2004 Craike was acclaimed by his peers constantly as one of the best surfers; Kelly Slater noted that he was one of the best surfers he'd ever seen at Macaronis and could take on any of the top 44.
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