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    Name:Ryan Dungey
    Lives In:Belle Paine, Minnesota
    United States
    Hometown:Belle Paine, Minnesota
    United States
    Birthday:December 4, 1989
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    Weimer: Fast, smooth, perfect, ready to move up and challenge Dungey/Stewart/Hill.
    The Supercross podium for Anaheim 2, 2010 - 1st, Ryan Dungey; 2nd, Josh Hill and 3rd, James Stewart. James is trying his best to smile here, can you tell?
    Here’s the likely battle for the 2010 Supercross title - Stewart vs. Dungey. One’s had a rough season, the other’s had a dreamboat ride. Both appear to have been doing everything right with regard to preparation, etc., but rough luck and bad decisions have potentially ruined one rider’s chance at the prize. The two guys who are supposed to be in between these two have already removed themselves from the picture (unless RV wakes up sometime soon), so it’s just plain been a wacky season so far. In this shot, Dungey’s setting Stewart up for a clean pass just before he sets out after Hill out front. Once Ryan got past them both, he pretty much checked out.
    James Stewart just wasn’t himself. That statement absolutely does not take anything away from either Josh Hill or Ryan Dungey, though, because their only crime was taking advantage of the situation. Stewart struggled all night, first in practice, then in his heat, and finally in the main event. He put up a valiant fight at first, but after he almost threw it away entering the second whoop section while fighting with Hill, it seemed to take some wind out of his sails. At one point he was even in danger of dropping back to 4th, as Short had his number for several laps and forced him to ride right on the edge of what he was apparently comfortable with. It will be interesting to watch how his injuries heel as the season progresses, and if by the time he’s fully up to speed, whether he can overcome Dungey and Hill’s newfound confidence.
    A2 was truly an impressive display by Dungey. After he pulled a convincing heat race win over Ryan Villopoto, he then stalked both Josh Hill and James Stewart in the main event before pouncing and dropping them both like last week’s garbage. Now it must be said that James was clearly ailing more than just a little bit, but he was certainly charging hard as he put up fights against both Hill and Dungey. Regardless, the way in which Dungey was able to get by and forget about the both of them was just plain impressive and that’s not even mentioning all of the other fast guys he didn’t even have to deal with because he was so much faster than them.
    Dang, that Dungey kid’s gettin’ good. Anaheim 2 turned out to be an outstanding, exciting and brilliant race for the few folks who turned out to watch it. After a week’s worth of deluge with heavy rains, winds, tornadoes, etc., Southern California chose to - for the most part - stay home from Angel Stadium, which meant only the truly hardcore fans got to witness one of the most interesting and classic Supercross class main events in... well, since last weekend in Phoenix. Long story short? Dungey chased down Hill and Stewart, Hill caught and passed Stewart twice during their two races, and Dungey was able to drop them both once he got around. It was one helluva night - and oh yea, the track was perfect.
    It almost seems redundant to actually put a photo of Ryan Dungey in this sort of off-the-beaten-path report that we do because, simply put, Dungey really is THE story of the series thus far. Sure the Stewart/Reed drama is all everyone's talking about, but the pleasant surprise has been how unbelievably well Dungey has adapted to racing the big RMZ450 in the Supercross class in his first full season. The other Ryan matched his pace for much of the race, this much is true, but that's what's so telling about his weekend - Dungey never flinched. He took the pressure and fed off it, keeping his laptimes low while protecting his lines. This, coupled with the added confidence that both former champs are out of the points race, certainly makes Ryan Dungey the odds-on favorite to win the 2010 title. It's officially his to lose. There, we said it.
    Rockstar Energy's Ryan Dungey!
    Ryan Dungey flys high and takes 3rd in 250 class!
    CONGRATS to Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Ryan Dungey for taking 1st in the 250 class at Washougal! This victory ties him for 1st in the overall championship points standing!
    Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Ryan Dungey
    Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Ryan Dungey
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