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  • How It's Made: Phase 2 Testing with Ryan Hughes

    A week or so ago we posted a video featuring Ride Engineering and talked about how they go about developing a product line starting from scratch. This is phase two in the series and features Ryan Hughes out testing to finalize and help make the call which items will end up production components. If you missed video #1 - here is a link. It is interesting to understand how much time goes into each components that ends up at a dealership, online store or race bike you might see in the pits at a supercross or motocross race.

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  • How It's Made: With Ride Engineering

    How do trick parts you often see featured on factory or factory support race teams get made? Testing and product development, just like manufactures such as Yamaha or Honda. Just last week Ryan Sipes put his DNA Shred Stix Yamaha YZ250F into the winner circle. Many of the parts on his bike are available to the public. Ride Engineering provides triple clamps, steering stabilizers, rear shock links and several other small parts for the team's race bikes, and these are the same parts that are sold to the public.

    We recently hooked up with Ride Engineering while they were developing products for the 2011 KTM 350 SX-F to find out what goes into starting with nothing and ending up with a billet product ready to ship to a customer. This is a two-part video series that goes into product development.

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  • Dispatches: Hug Life - Huggy 1.0 Rome in the Midwest

    SNOWBOARDER's photo editor Ryan Hughes... better known as Huggy popped his Dispatch cherry with this post. Right now he is shooting out in Minnesota with the Rome team including Johnny Lazz, LNP, Viktor Simco, and Mark Wilson. Stay tuned for more from this crew.

    Hilarious photo/video recap of the trip HERE...
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