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    Name:Ryan Sheckler
    Lives In:San Clemente, California
    United States
    Hometown:San Clemente, California
    United States
    Birthday:December 30, 1989
  • P-Rod Wins Tampa

    Yesterday, Paul Rodriguez edged out Najah Huston and Keegan Saunder to take the 2010 Tampa Pro. It's considered by many to be the most prestigious skate contest in the game, and now Rodriguez has proved, once again, that he has both sides of the spectrum covered. He is currently the reigning champ of X Games street, a cooperate mainstream contest for the masses, and now the Tampa Pro, a core skate contest for true skateboarders.

    Some sides notes Peter Ramandetta proved he's the real deal by pulling in 4th, and Ryan Sheckler made his return to competition after an injury to take 5th. Matt Miller won Best Trick for his backside noseblunt up the ledge. Stay tuned for more coverage.

    Full Results:

    1. Paul Rodriguez
    2. Nyjah Huston
    3. Keegan Sauder
    4. Peter Ramondetta
    5. Ryan Sheckler
    6. Torey Pudwill
    7. Luan De Oliveira
    8. Danny Fuenzalida
    9. Greg Lutzka
    10. Chaz Ortiz
    11. DennisBusenitz
    12. John Rattray

    Best Trick:

    1. Matt Miller
    2. Torey Pudwill
    3. Sierra Fellers
    4. Jordan Hoffart
    5. Joey Brezinski
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  • 2010 Simpel Session

    Simpel Session is this weekend. February 6-7. It is their 10th anniversary and it is needless to say that they have come a long way. Watching their retrospective videos of the first Simpel Sessions is hilarious. Just dudes hucking airs over one jump in front of less than 20 people. It's awesome.

    The gnarliest dudes of Skate and BMX will be there, yes that means Ryan Sheckler and Garrett Reynolds, and the full list of riders can be seen HERE.

    You can watch the event live on freecaster this weekend. Hit up the Simpel website for that link. Well, for any more information hit up the Simpel website pretty much. www.SESSION.eesimpel session facebooksimpel session twitter

    Here's the course overview for this year... My favorite obstacle? I'm a street dog so I dig the rails and hubba ledges buuut... I wanna see somebody grind that red rail from the VANS box jump to the end. Wonder if it will be like that.

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  • Get Ready For The iPad

    In case you haven't heard already, Steve Jobs, head honcho over at the orchard, aka CEO of Apple Inc, unveiled the the new iPad today at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco, CA. The new edition to the Apple lineup is a tablet-style computer that is billed as "the most advanced piece of technology" Apple has ever released. As someone who uses words as a source of an income, the iBooks feature on this thing immediately caught my attention. You've heard of iTunes right? Well, now there's an iBooks. Translation, all you indie book store owners out there may want to refill your Anti-Depressants. Hell, places like Barnes and Noble and Borders too! Remember what iTunes did to the music industry. Your augment; people buy books to get something to hold on to. Yeah, well people bought CDs to add to their collection, and read the little cover books a decade ago. Plus, this iBooks thing will be good for the environment; less trees cut down.

    Anyway, you're probably asking what does all this mean to the world of this website. Well my friends, the surf/skate/snow industry is one of the trendiest industries around when it comes to new things from Apple, because we're all so cool and creative, right? And Apple is for the cool creative people, right? Pictures and web videos are one of the most important things in our little world, and this thing looks like it could change how we go about getting them out there. You know, the first place I saw the iPhone was at the surf spot, Lower Trestles, during the NSSA Nationals surf contest, the day after it came out. San Diego surf photographer, Josh Bernard, had it, and already had surf shots on it.

    Who care about the industry people, right? How are your favorite rich, trendy pros going to embrace this ting? Well, I can tell you one thing's for sure; the entire Girl skateboards team is going to have one the day after it comes out. Koston can now Twitter about how he's on the Nike "PJ," aka private jet, from his iTab, and Mike Mo will soon be giving you video game updates from his Tab, or whatever the nickname is going to be. They already have a Nano edition of Plant Life on Crailtap (Girl's distributor) where they do little web videos filmed by the new video feature on the iPod Nano.

    They're not the only ones in skateboarding that will have this thing as soon as it comes out. Sheckler will be able to keep track of his harem, and an eye on what his manager is doing with his money on one. The Baker/Death Wish guys will be rolling joints on the back of theirs', and P-Rod can watch You Tube video of how funny his dad, Paul Rodriguez Sr. used to be on his.

    What about surfing? Well, three quarters of the ASP top 45 will have one as soon as it comes out. Oh, your so core that you don't care about the top 45 guys. Well, neither does Bruce Irons, and he will already of broken three by the time you even get one. And where's Wardo? He'll have all his lawyers, and pending court cases organized on one. Slater will have his tabs all set for the next time he jams with Eddie Vedder, and Danny Fuller will be able to remember how hot his model girlfriend is in the photo feature (next time he is on a trip without her).

    Now, I don't know snowboarding that well, but I can guarantee you Shaun White will get his Tab on, that is unless he's not already sponsored by a competitor, and if TV commercials haven't steered me wrong, which they never do, he does. No worries though, all the other snowboards who hate on him, because he 's better than them, can email each other on theirs about how he can't have one. At least they'll have that on him. Oh and what about the Dingo? Well, now he can replay his latest TMZ appearance on one while everyone else is snowboarding. Sorry but that's about all my snowboarding knowledge. Oh wait, I bet Peter Line will do something super weird on one.

    There you go folks. Get ready for the iPad to invade our world just like the iPhone and MacBook Pro (which is what I am typing this on) have. I'll leave you with a quote from the man himself Steve Jobs, "It is the best browsing experience you've ever had." We'll see.
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  • What's With All The Sheckler Hate

    Sheckler Fans
    Here The Sheck catches some love, but why is there so much hate? Photo: MORINformed

    Alright, so I'm going to ask one of the biggest skate questions of the past few years. What's with all the Sheckler hate? Are you just jealous because he skates way better than you, or are you jealous that all the girls want him and not you, or are you jealous he gets to talk to his hot mom on a daily basis, and you don't. Whatever it is, get over it, because every time you guys argue over it, I get emails about it, and I already get enough emails. I just realized I overlooked an email from a really beautiful, and super cool lady I met a few weeks ago in LA, inviting somewhere special, and now it's too late. The reason, the dozen or so comments on a few Sheckler stories (every comment goes to my email).

    Now, I have to explain to her that I wasn't blowing her off, and that I missed it because of stuff like this: "Ryan Sheckler sucks!!!" and "What do you have against him???" and "What a fag" and "Why's he a fag" and "Because he's gay" and "He's not gay." I let your comments junk up my email account for long enough, and now it cost me some tail, so the grumpy old guy has awoken from his nap.

    First of all, Ryan Sheckler f*#king kills it, enough said. You will never even be close to as good of a skateboarder as he is, and he was probably better than you are now, when he was in 2nd grade. You guys know he turned pro at 14-years-old, right? Check out Volcom's Chicagof for some of that footage.

    Secondly, he goes huge! Oh, you didn't know? Well, I see everyone skate in person, all the time. You name them, I've seen them skate, and that's in person (just to remind you). Sheckler goes as big, or bigger than anyone, hands down. Take it from one of the guys who my generation looked to as a god as far as going big is concerned, The Chief himself, Jamie Thomas. When Thrasher's Mike Burnett asked him who he thought could do the Leap of Faith, a legendary rail ollie to two-story drop. Jamie answered, "Sheckler" with no hesitation, and added "He can probably kickflip it". You wanna know why? Well, first of all, because it's true. And second of all, Jamie's as core as they come, and he doesn't give a shit about losing his core credentials, because he's not going to. Oh didn't see it? Here you go:

    Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

    Oh yeah, and how about the Bust or Bail contest. You saw Thrasher editor, Jake Phelps, telling Mike Mo about it in the video above. Reynolds had already done his thing, you know how the Boss rolls, and sat down. Then, Sheck asked Phelps what he had to do to win. Phelps said, "Back lip the rail," Sheckler responded, "To fakie?" Which he did, as well as his signature backside flip, a tre flip and a back lip "not to fakie." How's that for rifling through some tricks down 17 stairs. Like I said the kid goes huge. In case you didn't see that either, here you go:

    Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

    His ability to rifle through tricks brings me to my next point. He's got just about everything and is as consistent as they come. That's why he skates contests. Why not make 30 grand in a weekend if you can, we are in a recession, and that's more than some people make in a year. Back in day, before a lot of these Sheckler haters even knew what a skateboard was, I remember guys like Ed Templeton, Eric Koston, Jamie Thomas, Rick Howard, etc., were all doing contests all over the world, and that included the X Games. I recently re-watched the Jerry Hsu Epicly Later'd series. In one of the episodes Jerry gets invited to the X Games and doesn't know if he should do it or not. I think Reynolds and Braydon Szafranski put it perfect.

    "Why not take the free money and get your name out there." - Andrew Reynolds

    "You get $2,000 just for f*#@ing showing up." - Braydon Szafranski

    And Braydon got corrected, at the time it was $4,000 just for showing up, and it's probably more now. There you go, so if your reason for hating on him is he does all those contests, you have some heavy names disagreeing with you. Come on, he knows some of those contests are corny, but everyone has done them, it's just they didn't win as much as he does. That's why you don't' know.

    If your argument is he has corporate sponsors. That's true, but he's been with Etnies forever, and when it comes to the shoe industry there are some big fish in the sea. I can guarantee you there have been some checks, stripes and stars that have talked to him at some point. And his board sponsor Plan B is skateboarder owned, and by skateboarder, I mean the one and only, Danny Way. As far as those big mainstream sponsors he has go, you can't really criticize him until you're in his shoes, so next time you're offered six figures by a corporation and turn it down email me at tom@grindtv.com.

    Now, we're at the part where I'm going to side a little bit with the haters, and that's when it comes to his reality show on MTV. Sorry Ry, but that was pretty bad, I'm not even going to attempt to justify that one. They for sure offered some good money, but at this point, it's just bringing sand to the beach. I guess the only thing I can think of, is it probably got him laid a whole bunch. I hope that whole heart broken sad thing was just an act for TV, and it probably was, and it probably got him even more laid. I've never been offered a TV show, so I can't say wouldn't do it, and actually hell yeah I'd do it. I'd make craziest damn show that station has ever seen, then burn out and disappear like everyone else, so MTV, if you're listening my bank account is pretty slutty, it lets everyone in.

    If you don't like Ryan Sheckler, and you plan on being in skateboarding for a while, you better get used to him. He's that good, and he's young, so he's not going anywhere anytime soon. He had an ankle injury that set him back this year, but he's pro. He'll be back. I mean shit, I watched him throw himself down the imitation Hollywood 17-stair-set at the first Maloof Money Cup with a dislocated elbow.
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  • BEST of 2009 with RIDEbmx

    Oh. My. God. Oh my god. If you like bangers, YOU GOT EM MISTER! Ride BMX has got you on this best of compilation with clips from the best riders in the biggest contests doing tricks never done before! Literally. Of course the best tricks from the best trick contest they held are at the end. TJ pwns everybody...

    However, I must WARN you. They use the most overplayed song out right now in it... Empire State of Mind...

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