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    Name:Sarah Burke
    Lives In:Whistler, BC
    Hometown:Squamish, BC
  • Insta-Awesome: Celebrate Sarah Burke

    Insta-Awesome: Celebrate Sarah
    This week's Insta-Awesome gallery, which you can view by clicking the photo above, features photos that commemorate Sarah Burke on what would have been her 30th birthday, Sept. 3. The legendary skier, who died in a training accident in Utah in January, touched the lives of many through her numerous accomplishments and dedication to the sport. Sarah was known for her smile, and that spark continues to inspire as we celebrate Sarah's brief but impactful time on earth.

    Happy Birthday Sarah!
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  • Remember Sarah Burke from Michelle Parker and Shreddy Times

    Pro skier, Michelle Parker was more than shocked when the news of Sarah Burke's injury hit. When word spread about her untimely passing, she was devastated, but knew there must be something she could to help her memory live off. Fueled by emotion, she joined forces with Shreddy Times and Sticker Pack to help raise funds for Sarah's enormous medical bills.

    Together, the trio created "Believe In Sarah" and "Remember Sarah" stickers and made them available to the masses. Little did they know how big their project would become. After only two weeks, they've mailed over 2,700 stickers to 16 countries, to over 1,000 people, and have raised close to $15,000

    Check out this touching video of the crew at work dedicating their time and efforts to raising funds for the family of the fallen freeski star.

    Remember Sarah Burke from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

    Words: Michelle Parker

    Sarah was a true pioneer for this sport that I am so incredibly passionate about. I owe a lot to her as she helped pave the way for so many more and me. Who knows if I would have had all of these amazing opportunities if it weren't for Sarah. She was driven, enthusiastic, strong willed, a hard worker, and my hero.

    In memory of Sarah and as a small thanks to how she has inspired me I came up with an idea to sell stickers to help raise money for her fund. Sticker Pack has generously donated thousands of stickers. Kaya Turski created the sticker design. ALL of the proceeds made from these stickers will go to Sarah's outstanding medical costs and related expenses through her husband, Rory Bushfield.

    With the momentum that we have gained from the release of Danny's movie and the similarities of Sarah's injury to Danny's, Shreddy Times has been kind enough to set up an online store. Each sticker cost $5.00. The price of the envelope and stamp comes to 47 cents. Each sticker bought will donate $4.53 to Sarah's fund.

    Thank you very much for your generous donation. My thoughts are continuously with Rory and Sarah's family.

    Head to http://shreddytimes.com/believe-in-sarah/ to purchase your own stickers.
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  • Men's Ski Slopestyle Finals: Winter X Games

    Words by Jeff Schmuck
    Photos by John Vandervalk

    Day 1 of Winter X Games 16 is in the books, and what an incredible and emotional day it was.

    Following back-to-back wars in Men's Ski Slopestyle Elimination and Women's Ski Slopestyle Finals earlier in the day, Men's Ski Slopestyle Finals were set to go down at night for the first time ever. But before finals got underway, the most emotional moment in X Games history took place, via a beautiful tribute to the late Sarah Burke.

    With a capacity crowd gathered at the base holding glow sticks as makeshift candles, the lights in the pipe were turned off, and virtually every ski competitor here at X Games, along with a strong showing of snowboarders and ski industry types, slowly walked and skied down the pipe with glow sticks in hand as Rory Bushfield and Sarah's parents and family awaited to greet them at the base. Much respect to ESPN for putting together such an amazing, beautiful and healing moment for all of us who loved Sarah so much.

    Immediately after the tribute, it was go time on the slopestyle course, and in the end, Tom Wallisch picked up his first Winter X Games gold medal to complement his European X Games one with the highest score in skiing slopestyle history at X Games. Tom was on point all night, sitting just behind Nick Goepper on the leader board until his third and final run, when he once again picked up the win at the 11th hour (which is beginning to become a common theme for Tom) with a 450 off the top of the wall ride, to switch 270 on 450 off the close-out rail, to switch right cork 9, left double cork 12 mute, switch right double 10, and switch left double 10.

    Head to Newschoolers to see the rest of the Recap.

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  • X Games athletes honor fallen freeskiing icon Sarah Burke on opening day in Aspen

    In a huge break from tradition, the Winter X Games in Aspen opened quietly and in the dark on Thursday night as fans, friends and family honored the life and legacy of Sarah Burke, the 29-year-old Canadian freeskiing icon who lost her life on January 19. With bright white glowsticks overhead, more than 100 of her peers drifted slowly down the darkened superpipe in front of a still crowd that fell completely silent.

    Burke was a six-time winner known for breaking barriers in the superpipe, and was supposed to be defending her latest X Games gold in the superpipe this week, but her life was cut short after she succumbed to injuries suffered in a training accident. Her loss has been a devastating blow to a shocked skiing community, as she was even more of a moving force off the mountain.

    More on Yahoo: Colten Moore's wild ride to Winter X Games gold

    As a staunch supporter of the women's movement in freestyle skiing, and it was Burke's efforts that helped propel the sport into the X Games in 2009, and gain acceptance into the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

    "Everything she believed in is on this mountain tonight," said Winter X emcee Sal Masekela. "Competition, excellence, progression."

    Bumper stickers and arm bands with slogans paying tribute to Sarah can be seen all over Aspen. Earlier in the day, after fellow Canadian Kaya Turski won her third-straight gold in Women's Ski Slopestyle, she vowed to champion Sarah's cause. "We have someone watching from above that we need to make proud. We all need to follow in Sarah's footsteps. She was pushing the sport even when she didn't need to; she was trying new tricks, landing new tricks, and I think now it's our turn to keep pushing for her."

    A Sarah Burke tribute video. from Downtofilm. on Vimeo.

    More on GrindTV.com
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  • Sarah Burke Tribute video

    The ski world was rocked yesterday with the heartbreaking news of the death of Canadian freeskier, Sarah Burke. She was only 29-years-old. To say the least, Burke was a beloved girl, a pioneer of the sport, and an extremely talented athlete. The masses are devastated, shocked, and deeply saddened however, are determined to live out a full and passionate life in Sarah's memory.

    This heartfelt tribute video was put together by Zac Moxley - a 14-year-old aspiring filmmaker. Ski in peace Sarah.

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