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    Name:Scotty Lago
    Lives In:Seabrook, New Hampshire
    United States
    Hometown:Seabrook, New Hampshire
    United States
    Birthday:November 12, 1987
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  • Scotty Lago Finds An Olympic Window of Opportunity

    Down to earth, gnarly, an incredibly talented snowboarder and with a fair share of injuries, Scotty Lago is rippin’ the contest circuit a new one. Hailing from Seabrook New Hampshire, Scotty calls the icy east home. As a kid, he had already established himself as a strong snowboarder, but rather than develop through a structured mountain school program, Scotty opted to do things his own way.

    And as part of the FRENDS crew, he’s done just that. Part of a new generation of riders that’s taking the snowboarding scene by storm, with the likes of Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Luke Mitrani and Jack Mitrani at his side, Scotty Lago has become a reckoning force in transitions, parks and even backcountry riding.

    Lago’s TTR record over the past couple seasons has been equally impressive. In 2007, he finished the TTR Tour at World No. 10 with three Top 5 finishes including a second in the Slopestyle at the 4-Star Burton New Zealand Open. He remained in the TTR Top 10 for 33 weeks straight and even held the Tour Lead for 12 weeks. In the 07/08 season, Scotty has certainly stepped up his game building his ranking foundation early on with a 3rd in the Halfpipe at the 5-Star Abominable Snow Jam along with a 2nd in the HP at the now 5-Star Burton New Zealand Open with a huge amplitude – a result that pushed him into temporary World No. 1.

    Scotty came back into the lime light after laying it all down with a huge FS 7 Alley-oop resulting in a 2nd at the 5-Star Billabong Air & Style Quarterpipe in Innsbruck, Austria. His performance last season also earned him a chance to compete in the 6-Star Oakley Arctic Challenge, and although he may not placed high, still proved to everyone he could slay one beast of a Quarterpipe.

    Perhaps one of Lago’s best experiences while on a snowboard occurred last year while heliriding with industry leaders like Travis Rice, John Jackson and Mark Landvik. This proved Lago to be a versatile rider, taking freestyle park prowess into the backcountry and session "the most perfect jump [he had] ever hit."

    Scotty continued to destroy and planted his final two results at the 26th annual 6-Star Burton US Open in Stratton, Vermont. He competed well in the Slopestyle but certainly put on a show in the US Open Halfpipe. Lago was going huge and set the bar high in the early stages. In the end he finished 7th in the pipe, but more importantly maintained a place in the TTR Top 10, finishing 9th overall in the end-of-season TTR rankings.

    -Courtesty of TTR World Tour
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