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    Name:Scotty Lago
    Lives In:Seabrook, New Hampshire
    United States
    Hometown:Seabrook, New Hampshire
    United States
    Birthday:November 12, 1987
  • FrendsVision behind the scenes at the Copper Grand Prix

    Turns out that sometimes there is an "I" in Frends. Check out the latest Frendsvision from the Copper Mountain Grand Prix as Scotty Lago takes a competitive edge against fellow Frend Luke Mitrani and really spices up his morning.

    Get ready to giggle.
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  • Nike's Chosen Ramps Up: Where's Your Crew

    Dudes and Dudettes. Shreds and Shredders: Your chance to be Chosen is here.

    After just one week, The Nike "Chosen" Contest is alive and kicking with 95 crews from the US and 13 from Canada already registered and ready to rock. It's high time you stop talking and start taking action to get your crew noticed, and ultimately, Chosen.

    The rules are simple. Gather a crew of two- four riding buddies, register on the Nike Chosen site, upload photos and edits that best exemplify your crew and start hyping how awesome you are to Facebook and all of your social network friends. You have between now and February 15th to generate as big of a buzz as possible to get your crew "Noticed" and to move onto Round 2.

    On February 17th, the top 9 crews out of all of the global entrants will be selected and voted on throughout February 21st- March 10th. Then the three crews with the most "Likes" and surrounding hype will move into the final Chosen Session (held in Austria!), for the ultimate chance to be Chosen.

    These three crews will earn an all expense-paid trip to the big event where they will have four days to shoot an edit that best captures why they should be Nike's Chosen. Scotty Lago, Danny Kass and other Nike pros will judge each submission and will announce the lucky winners on April 1st. The winning crew will receive a boatload of cash, custom Nike goods, and the chance to travel and shred the globe like a true Nike Pro.

    If all this sounds perfect for you and your gang, then get over to the Nike Chosen page and register. You'll only be a week behind Knife Show Inc, Jupiter People, Mystery District, and USC Ski & Snowboard which are just a few of the crews buzzing already.

    We caught up with Abe Kislevitz from USC Ski & Snowboard and asked why his crew is amped on being apart of Nike's Chosen.

    Abe said, We're stoked about the Chosen contest because it gives us a chance to showcase our skills to a broader audience. We've been a dedicated film/shred crew for over 4 years and have grown a huge fan base, not because of our pro ski/board skills but for inspiring people to get out and do the same. No fancy cameras or film crews- We capture the genuine radness that is shredding with your friends and aspire to be role models for anyone and everyone that wants to do the same. It's awesome to be apart of the contest and to be up there with some big names, people we looked up to when we were starting out - Knife Show to name one - and we're showing up with our own zest and creativity.

    The chance is here. The time is now. Rally your crew and be Chosen.

    Head here for the official rules and contest dates.
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  • Nike's Winter Chosen crew video contest is live! It's time to rally your posse.

    If you find joy in even muttering the word "December" then today is one of celebration for you. And just in case your riding posse isn't already celebrating, Nike's providing a little kick-in-the-pants inspiration to get your winter party started with the launch of The Chosen Crew Video Contest aimed specifically at snowboarders.

    The contest runs from December through April 1st, when winning crew will be announced from Austria, which is where you and your entire crew could be if, between now and February 15, you can demonstrate enough style, flair, talent that brotherly (or sisterly) bond that makes any good riding crew complete via your photo and video submissions.

    If you're not already familiar with the contest it works like this: You come up with a name for your crew of between 2 and 4 people and sign up at the Nike Chosen page. Once registered you have until February 15 to build your case for being Chosen.

    Building your case involves loading photos and videos of your crew and getting those images "Noticed". The more creative you are in demonstrating your crew's style, ethos, and lifestyle execution, the more hype you'll generate via the Facebook likes on your Crew page. You may even get "Noticed" by the very same Nike athletes who will be doing the ultimate choosing for The Chosen.

    The Chosen is a global contest, with crews from around the world competing. On February 17th winners from each participating country/region will be announced. Round Two will be to determine which of those winners makes it into the Top 3, earning a trip to Austria to compete in the finals. Round Two voting runs from February 21 to March 10.

    The Chosen Session finals take place in Austria from March 26 - 30. Crews will have four days to shoot and edit a new submission that will be judged by Nike team riders like Scotty Lago and Danny Kass. The winning crew will be announced on April 1. They'll be receiving a ton of Nike garb, some cash, and the opportunity to travel more and live like the Nike pros.

    Having watched the Summer Chosen unfold there are a few keys to success, none more important than to know and understand the Essentials. Use the proper pre-approved music tracks for your videos and be sure you're following all of the eligibility rules. Make sure each of your crew members is eligible.

    From the Rules Page:
    This Contest is open only to individuals who are eighteen (18) through twenty-nine (29) years old at the time of entry and who did not purchase any equipment for the purposes of entering this Contest. Only Snowboard Crews from the below countries can participate. What is a Crew? You and at least one (1) other person, with a maximum of up to four (4) people total, are considered a Crew. One individual alone does not qualify as a Crew. Crews and Crew members may also be referred to as entrants.

    North America is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, with the exception of Quebec.

    We'll be providing more insights and tips on how to succeed and find your way to Europe.
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  • Scotty Lago and Travis Pastrana get ready to shoot some bucks

    You'd think that with all the traveling, snowboarding, rally car racing, partying, filming, appearances, and interviews that Scotty Lago and Travis Pastrana take part in that they might not have too much extra time to get serious about video games. Well, you'd be wrong, but only if you consider Big Buck Hunter a real video game.

    First of all, it's news to me that the "Big Buck World Championships" actually exist. Second, how the hell did these two pro athletes get involved? Questions aside, they are apparently good at it resulting from injury time and I guess...pure talent?

    Lago and Pastrana are heading to Chicago September 23-24 to get down to business and shoot some bucks. Cyber bucks.

    With their past combined competition results, they better win this. For snowboarding. For action sports. For America.

    More details if you want them below. Make us proud guys.

    words: Mark Liscak

    Scotty Lago & Travis Pastrana are Teaming up and going to Chicago for the Big Buck World Championships: September 23-24. The championship will take place across the street from the World Famous Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs) at the Cubby Bear Bar. Lago qualified online with a score of 51,526; his bestie Kyle beat him by 1,313 points and Travis qualified in 12th but got beat by his teammate Street Bike Tommy. Clay Conrad leads the entire USA with a score of 63, 985! Scotty is super pumped for the event, he's been practicing so much that his trigger finger is building a callus but it's not going to slow him down. I have one thing to say to ya Scotty... "BUCK OFF"

    Score Kills Plays

    6th KYLE DODIER S PORTLAND, ME 53,443 1216 44


    12th TRAVIS PASTRANA ANNAPOLIS, MD 51,526 1756 68

    15th SCOTTY LAGO S PORTLAND, ME 52,130 1517 59

    It all starts with a revamped Online Qualifying Tournament that runs August 1st - 28th which can be played at any online Big Buck World game machine across the country. The top 64 players (from 4 regions and Australia) will be invited to Chicago for the 2-day World Championship Weekend on September 23rd and 24th.

    Travis Pastrana is serious about motocross and dead serious about Big Buck World. While recovering from his injury at this year's X Games Travis was spotted training for this year's Big Buck World Championship whilenursing a bum leg. Yep you heard right, one of the most popular coin-operated arcade games in the country has a "World" championship. This year's competition held September 23-24 marks the fourth annual Big Buck World Championships which will be held at the legendary Cubby Bear in Chicago, Ill. Big Buck World will include both Big Buck Hunter Pro and Big Buck Safari in which both games will be combined to determine one world champion and a $15,000 grand prize.

    The same arcade game found in bars in restaurants has more than 18,000 games worldwide so it's no surprise action sports stars have taken a liking to the game like Travis and snowboarder Scotty Lago. Both qualified for the Eastern Region after competing in a month-long qualification period this summer. What makes this year different than any other is that competitors now have to qualify on Big Buck Hunter Pro as well as Big Buck Safari. And they can't just play on any machine but on a CoinUp Network which is synced online and tracks stats, allowing for players to compete across the country. In addition to the Eastern Region, three other regions will qualify the top 16 players for a total of 64 players that will qualify to come to Chicago to compete on September 24 in a double-elimination, head-to-head shootout format.

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  • Scotty Lago fans out all over Travis Rice

    Fanning out. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's something we all try our very best not to do but without a question have done it - sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it. You are put into a situation with one of your idols and no matter how hard you try, you cannot contain your excitement and awe in this person's presence.

    Embarrassing, uncontrollable, and excessive - it's a dangerous disease. Red Bull just put out a hilarious video of Scotty Lago re-inacting a Travis Rice "fanning out" situation they had while filming for "The Art of Flight". It's no surprise that these pro riders have experiences with people that are massive fans of theirs - how they handle it - both parties - is what makes or breaks the situation.

    Lago and Rice are asking for it now. After this ridiculous skit goes all over the world wide web, they will have plenty more fanning out moments in their future.

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