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    Name:Scotty Lago
    Lives In:Seabrook, New Hampshire
    United States
    Hometown:Seabrook, New Hampshire
    United States
    Birthday:November 12, 1987
  • Flow's Witness the Sickness Full Movie

    You've seen the teasers, you've had a taste and now you can fully Witness the Sickness. As a token of appreciation for all the shredheads that can't make next week's premier party in San Clemente, CA, Flow has released the full version of their super ill flick. The film features riding from Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Jeremy Thompson, Scot Brown, Sarka Pancochova, Brandon Reis and more. Sit down and get ready to fully Witness the Sickness. It's sick.

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  • Flow's Witness the Sickness Teaser

    "That's the sickest thing I've ever done in my life." If Scotty Lago is claiming this, then we know it's got to be banger. Flow's "Witness the Sickness" teaser has hit the web, and we're feeling ill because it's just so sick. From Olympic mayhem, to urban rail ripping, and Japanese contest shenanigans this teaser follows the Flow team through it all. Check out the epic shredding from Flow Riders: Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Jeremy Thompson, Scot Brown, Sarka Pancochova, Brandon Reis, and the rest of the team.

    It's so sick, you might puke.

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  • USA Today Does Story On "The Frends Crew"

    Once again, snowboarding is slowly creeping its way into major world publications...

    The newest tantalizing story that has captured a USA today reporter's attention was how the infamously hilarious "Frends Crew" came to be and how they divide their time between work and play. Fascinating. Okay, honestly, we love the Frends Crew, everyone does; but...USA Today? Really? Who throws a shoe?


    GrindTV Newswire, Via USA Today:
    (July 28, 2010) Keir Dillon, a member of a seven-snowboarder crew known as "Frends," summarizes the last several months of his comrades' lives in a simple, understated sentence: "It was a crazy year."

    Since December, one Frends member suffered a traumatic brain injury, another was inches from being paralyzed and a third dislocated his shoulder. But when most would avoid mirrors and ladders, Frends members moved forward on their next big-risk project -- launching a product line.

    Frends -- Dillon, 33; Mason Aguirre, 22; Danny Davis, 22; Scotty Lago, 22; Kevin Pearce, 22; and Mitrani brothers Jack, 21, and Luke, 20 -- unveiled a series of five headphones at Agenda, an action sports trade show last week in New York. The headphones, ranging from ear buds to larger, DJ styles, are the crew's answer to growing fan demands.

    Dillon and Davis, who injured his back in an ATV accident in January, first formalized their friendship into a business in 2006. Frends -- spelled intentionally without the "I" to evoke unity -- promoted their group-over-the individual philosophy with stickers, T-shirts and videos. The group, unintentionally, conducted "several years of grass-roots marketing," according to Dennis "DJ" Jenson, a former Burton Snowboards senior vice president and current Frends chairman.

    "Feeding the youth our stories and what we're about as a crew in snowboarding transcended into them wanting more from us," Aguirre says.

    Recognizing their competition careers could quickly expire because of injuries or age, the members also sought security through their start-up. "It's an extreme sport," says Lago, an Olympic halfpipe bronze medalist. "That's definitely in the back of all of our minds. We're looking at our future."

    Deciding on the product proved to be difficult. The snowboarders' existing endorsements restricted them from producing anything from snowboards to street wear. However, Frends CEO Eric Kotch, an action sports industry veteran, stumbled on an under-recognized product category while watching Pearce in the 2009 X Games.

    After securing his boots, Pearce "made sure his ear buds were tight in his ears and that his iPod was on," Kotch says in an e-mail, adding that Frends' decision to enter the consumer electronics sector provides the company with mass-market, mainstream opportunities beyond action sports.

    Pearce, who was critically injured after falling during a practice halfpipe run in Park City, Utah, in December, has been steadily recovering at his family home in Vermont. Pearce has said he plans to return to snowboarding, and Frends members say he remains in communication regarding the launch.

    The group candidly acknowledges that on the topic of percentages, the discussions were weird. But Davis says, "Everyone really stood by the fact that the 'I' was taken out of Frends for a reason."

    The crew also discussed whether to build a product from the ground up or add a new design to an existing product. Pearce pushed for an original product. "The Frends crew is all about being authentic on every level," Pearce says in an e-mail. "This includes the way we snowboard and what we think about designing our headphones."

    This quest for authenticity also drove the crew to form their own company.

    "The product is a byproduct of what we stand for," says Dillon, the president of the company. He keeps a sign in Frends' California office reminding him and Frends members: "We will never succeed doing what other people do."
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  • Scotty Lago's Post Olympic Confession

    Now that the media explosion following the 2010 Olympics games has subsided, Scotty Lago is finally ready tell the world his secret to bronze medal success.

    In one of the latest FrendsVision videos, Lago gets personal in a fireside interview as he divulges the key component that made him medal material.

    This video is another hilarious offering from the Frends Crew that proves they never take things too seriously. Enjoy!

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  • High Cascade Session Two Recap

    Holy bananas, session two up at High Cascade looked pretty damn amazing. Those jibs were getting more action than your girlfriend.

    Session two was blessed with the presence of most of The Frends Crew (aka Mason Aguirre, Jack Mitrani, Scotty Lago, Danny Davis) so that in itself promised a good time for those campers. The sun was blazing, the snow was slurpee soft, the skate ramp was rockin' and rollin', and everyone was doing their impression of an awesome time.

    Stay tuned for more summer recaps from High Cascade.
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