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    Name:Shaun White
    Nickname:The Flying Tomato
    Lives In:Carlsbad, California
    United States
    Hometown:Carlsbad, California
    United States
    Birthday:September 3, 1986
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    Photo: Air-style.com
    Photo: Radcollector.com
    Photo: Radcollector.com
    Donning his LJ. P: Rolling Stone
    Setting crap on fire and rocking out...typical. P: Rolling Stone
    Representing the USA in true White fashion. P: Rolling Stone
    Whose that guy? Was he pastier back then? P: Rolling Stone
    Big Air and Big Hair...and Bare... P: Rolling Stone
    No surprise here right? The U.S. Snowboard team is made up of 18 riders with one man to lead them all... and that man is Shaun. No pressure then, eh?
    The Us Olympic team- the top 3 women and men were announced Saturday after the Grand Prix in Park City
    The men's podium- 3rd- Greg Bretz, 1st- Shaun White, 2nd-Scotty Lago
    Shaun is straight up claiming his win- Congrats Mr. White
    Mens Podium: Scotty Lago, Danny Davis and Shaun White. US Snowboarding Grand Prix 2010
    2009 Copper Mountain U.S. Grand Prix Men's Podium: 3rd Zach Black (USA), 2nd Louie Vito (USA), 1st Shaun White (USA) Photo: Getty's Images
    (P) Nate Abbot. Shaun White gives the term Double-overhead a new meaning at the 2009 U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix Olympic Selection Qualifier
    (P) Nate Abbot. Shaun White winning yet another one. U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix of Copper 2009
    Shaun Roger White- unleashing his 2010 steeze
    Shaun White at Copper Pipe
    So many people, so little time. Nate Abbott Photo
    Poor guy has to talk about himself a lot. Nate Abbott Photo
    Winter X Games 13 where Shaun just barely edged out Kevin Pearce for the win. Nate Abbott photo
    Get me outta here. Nate Abbott Photo
    Deep Thoughts. Nate Abbott Photo
    Shaun wins again. Shocker. Photo Getty's Images
    Every year at the Winter X Games Shaun White has to brave hordes of fans to get to the pipe so he can win it. This year was no different. Photo: Nate Abbott
    Shaun White, strumming his guitar and rocking his long locks backstage in the green room on the set of Fuel's "Daily Habit" Photo: Adryan Roane Ritter
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