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    Name:Shawn McIntosh
    Lives In:San Diego, California
    United States
    Hometown:Portland, Oregon
    United States
  • Shawn McIntosh Gettin' Hot In The Cold

    Being a SoCal boy, anything below 50 is terrifying to me. The video below is Shawn McIntosh of Stranger/Lotek absolutely destroying a skatepark in what is said to be 30 below 0 weather. Heh. I think that's meant to say 30 above realistically but regardless that's really cold and throwing barspins with frosty hands is unsafe. Throwing backflips as well. At a concrete skatepark with no helmet on a less-than-perfect looking transition. Yeah, you want to see this...

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  • Stranger Bikes with a Good Start

    Rich Hirsch's new company, Stranger Bikes, was bound to have a good start with loyal local riders and previous support from his Lotek endeavors. Riders are literally jumping ship to swim over to the island of Stranger. That was an awful metaphor type thing, let's get to the gritty...

    Caleb Quanbeck, whom I believe rode for Subrosa, is now riding for Stranger. Rich did a lot for Caleb's career so this isn't so much surprising. He is still riding for Shadow as far as I know though. Same thing with Wolfman and jesse Whaley. Wolfman left Macneil for Stranger, well no official word but what do you expect, so he may be scrumming for parts to put on his Stranger frame. Jesse Whaley left rather new sponsor Verde Bikes for Stranger and will probably also be scrumming for parts. Both of these riders, however, are loyal local dudes who stick by those they know best and I respect that.

    Also on the Stranger team is Shawn Mcintosh. He is riding for Coalition as well. same goes for David Grant who is on Stranger and Coalition. Craig Passero is the last rider I know of on Stranger who I believe will also be sporting the parts sponsor OSS, The Come Up's Adam Grandmaison's new company. I think Stranger riders without parts sponsors will be hooked up by OSS, if they'd like. I believe Rich helped Adam out in the process of putting together OSS so there are close ties there.

    All in all, Stranger looks to be off to a good start and we can't wait to see the products and the website and the web videos to come. Until then, check out this video of the nose manual master... Caleb Quanbeck.

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  • Today in BMX

    You know I try not to post these damn bike checks, but CoCo has such selection when it comes to bikes, and his sick checkered paint job is worth looking at. Check out Mr. Zurita's bike check here... (PS he's a vert rider, fool...)

    Here is Volume's photo slide show from the Vital Big Big BMX Show with some derby girls!!!

    And here's the actual episode... watch it...

    Want to see what Superstar has lined up for 2010? CLICK HERE!

    And watch this video of one of my favorites, JARED CHILKO, testing out those products...

    Another nice ODI web video with the likes of Raul Ruiz and Chris Gille doing that street thing. GET IT!

    Never heard of these guys but by the looks of it this will be a pretty good video... check out the trailer...

    Black Rain edit of Ben Hucke and Shawn McIntosh... get on it...

    Anthony Napolitan web video via VITAL by Levi's... this guy is awesome...

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