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    Name:Stale Sandbech
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    Birthday:March 6, 1993
  • Urban shred with Torstein Horgmo and friends

    Nothing wrong with a little left over footage from last season featuring Torstein Horgmo, the Helgason brothers, Gulli Gudmundsson, and Stale Sandbech. A nice high quality reel filled to the brim with urban jibbing. The guys seem to hit up everything in their path as they rip through Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, Iceland, and the States. This edit will have you strapped into your board in your living room.

    Is is winter yet?

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  • The 2011 Burton New Zealand Open continues with Slopestyle Semi-Finals

    More park laps were in store for the competitors on day three at the 2011 Burton New Zealand Open. The day was set for Slopestyle Semi-Finals and the game was stepped up. With more than perfect conditions, the field was knocked down to 16 and 8 from 32 men and 18 women.

    Charlotte Van Gils (NED), hometown hero Shelly Gotlieb, and American Jamie Anderson attacked the course and were the top three ladies.

    Tim Humphreys led the way for the guys with a solid second run that landed him a 91.33. Norwegian Stale Sandbech and Seppe Smits from Belgium rounded out the top three with a fluster of double cork 10's. Seb Toots, Tyler Flanagan, Christian Haller, Mark McMorris, and Gjermund Braaten were also among the top riders that moved on to finals.

    So here we go. It's Finals time -- stay tuned for all the action and to experience the slopestyle course, check out the video below.

    WANAKA, New Zealand (August 11, 2011) The 32 men and 18 women were whittled down to 16 and 8 as they fought it out hard on the challenging course that included MINI's Creative Use of Space feature, a double cannon over a gap jump.

    The women went first with an exciting semi-finals showdown where we saw Charlotte Van Gils (NED) come out on top in first place with an impressive score of 87.33. Her run consisted of a Frontside 360 Nosetap, 50-50 to Noseslide, 50-50 Nosegrab, Backside 360 Melon, Frontside 360 Indy to Frontside 720 NoGrab. Right on her heels was local favourite, Shelly Gotlieb (NZL) scoring a 81 on her second run that included a Frontside 360 Nosetap, Backside 50-50 to Backside Lipslide, Boardslide to Fakie, Cab 540 NoGrab, Backflip Melon and Backside 360 Melon. In third was Jamie Anderson (USA) with a score of 78. The top 8 that made it today will advance to the exciting slopestyle finale on Friday August 12th.

    Following the ladies, the men kept things cooking as Tim Humphreys (USA) took first place with an outstanding score of 91.33 in his second run of the day. His winning run started out with a Cab Miller Flip leading into a GapCab 50-50, 50-50 Backside 360, Frontside 900 Tail, Switch Backside 720 and Cab 1080 Double Cork. Stale Sandbech (NOR) was close behind with a first run that included a Backside 540 Tailtap, Gap Hardway Frontside 270, Frontboard 450 Out, Cab 900 Melon, Backside 1080 and Frontside 1080 which earned him 91 points. Seppe Smits (BEL) made the top three with a second run of 89.83 while other top riders that made the cut included Sebastian Toutant (CAN), Tyler Flanagan (USA), Christian Haller (SUI), Mark McMorris (CAN) and Gjermund Braaten (NOR).

    Women's and Men's Slopestyle Finals will be going down at Cardrona Alpine Resort tomorrow Friday, August 12th followed by the Men's and Women's Halfpipe Finals on Saturday, August 13th. Spectators are welcome and the price of admission is free for the final two days of the event. Bleachers have also been set up at the bottom of the 22-foot Olympic sized halfpipe for maximum viewing pleasure.

    The 2011 BNZO marks the first stop on the prestigious Burton Global Open Series and is also a 5Star event on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. Full details and updates are available via www.opensnowboarding.com and semi-finals and finals of the event will be webcast live on www.redbull.tv and www.opensnowboarding.com

    Live results from the event are also available in the palm of your hand with the mobile app, eFan. Live stats including start lists, results and event info are available from anywhere at eFan.

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  • Rome drops "The Shred Remains" teaser

    Rome has never really given a shit about what the public thought of what they were doing -- kind of like honey badgers. This was a very good look for them. Most notoriously known for their stacked team of burly jibbers - we've all come to find out that they can pretty much do everything, stomp everything, charge everything. They also make it obvious that they make an effort to have a damn good time as well.

    After their first two video releases, "Any Means" and "No Correct Way" dropped into the world, they had our attention. They'll do whatever it takes without worrying about the consequences. Rome's latest project, "The Shred Remains" has had our interest since they started the video blog following their progress and experiences through the making of the movie.

    The official teaser has finally arrived and moved quickly to the top of the list of 2011 teasers. Featuring LNP, MFR, Lucas Debari, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, Rusty Ockenden, Johnny Lazz, Will Lavigne, Marie Hucal, and the AM Army, we'd have to say that they are pretty much unstoppable.

    Get psyched on the trailer below.

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  • Nike 6.0 D-Pad Session full video

    Photo: Nike

    Nike really out did themselves with last season's D-Pad Session. We brought you the teaser from this bang-fest and now for your viewing pleasure, Nike 6.0 has dropped the full length video.

    The cinematography coupled with the insane level of riding is our definition of progression.

    Get ready to get your mind blown.

    Words: Nike

    The venue, Folgefonna, Norway. The aim, to create a session that ends the season on a high and to get some of the great snowboarding minds together to push creativity and progression in the 20 hours of sunlight that Norwegian summers have to offer. With a set up created by legendary shaper Lars Eriksen, everything was in place to pretend we were back on those old computers experimenting with what was and wasn't possible. Bring on the 'The Nike 6.0 D-Pad Session'.

    The dozen riders selected for the task was a mix of established names who gave their take on modern snowboarding and next generation riders who did their part to kick snowboarding into the future: Gjermund Bråten, Ethan Morgan, Gerome Mathieu, Ståle Sandbech, Jamie Nicholls, Terje Håkonsen, Jake Blauvelt, Matt Ladley, Mason Aguirre, Eero Ettala, Kevin Bäckström and Erik Botner.

    And after seeing the footage, it is safe to say that the future of snowboarding is in safe hands.

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  • Cyber with the Rome Snowboards team

    If you want to sit down and have a cozy living room sofa chat with the Rome team then I suggest you peep these two videos posted on Buoloco. Ed Segovia cybers with the whole crew - LNP, Eiki Helgason, Lucas Debari, MFR, Johnny Lazz, Johnnie Paxson, and Stale Sandbech - and asks them the questions we all want to know the answers to.

    The Rome team usually comes off a little bit mad...like they are all slowly going a bit nuts but killing it on snowboards at the same time...if that makes any sense. However, in these videos the group is all together cuddled up on the couch ready to share all the details about "agents, products, sponsors, mainstream, snowboard machines, pressure, shredding, shredders, etc."

    They obviously are a tight knit group and have an awesome straight-up perspective on what is going on in snowboarding today. We also get to find out once and for all what they prefer; regular camber or reverse camber.

    Oh, and Laurent's beard is longer than ever.

    Rome Snowboard team talks part one from BuoLoco on Vimeo.

    Rome Snowboards team talks part two from BuoLoco on Vimeo.
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