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  • Kevin Pearce Update: An International Outpouring of Support for the Critically Injured Snowboarder

    Get Well Soon Kevin Pearce
    Today's update about Pearce's major injury (see original post here) doesn't provide much more insight than we had last night. His PR agent, Sue Izzo of Mosaic Management, is saying that he is stable now, but still in critical condition.

    However, the outpouring of support and well wishes for Pearce in the past 24 hours has been awe-inspiring. It is obvious that Kevin Pearce was not only a favorite to go to the Winter Olympics for Halfpipe because of his impressive riding ability, but that he is a fan favorite as well. Anyone who has met Pearce in person can attest to his good humor and kind personality that constantly shows through his big smile.

    A Facebook fan page titled "Well Wishes to Our Frend Kevin Pearce" was established the day of the accident. Only one day later the page already has over 2,000 fans. The Facebook page was started by Pearce's family and friends so that everybody can follow the updates of his recovery and share their notes of support with each other and with Pearce.

    "Kevin remains in critical yet stable condition. Today was considered a good day for him. We need your prayers and thoughts the next few days as we anticipate these to be critical to Kevin's recovery. He is surrounded by his family and frends, and LOTS of love and positive energy. Kevin is a fighter and we are continually reminded of that with each hour that passes..." This is the most recent post on the official fan page, posted by Pearce's agent, Izzo.

    The support and well wishes for Pearce have been growing exponentially since the news of Pearce's injury, and has reached an international level of attention. Magazines and blogs from all corners of the world are posting about the incident, all of them wishing Pearce a speedy recovery. The news of Pearce's injury even made it onto the national NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. (See the clip below.)

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Twitter has also become a main staple for fans, friends and even celebrities to state their concern for the critically injured Halfpipe champ. Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) writes, "Please keep @kevin_pearce in yr thoughts. He had a serious accident yesterday while training for the Olympics. Here's to a speedy recovery.".

    X Games Host and E! Entertainment's Daily 10 star Sal Masekela (@imsalmasekela) tweets, "Please send some prayers and healing energy out to my boy Kevin Pearce and his family."

    And, not surprisingly, the core snowboard community, including pro riders, photographers, filmers, and team managers have come together and are rooting for Pearce. One of snowboarding's most respected professionals Todd Richards (@btoddrichards) posted immediately after the accident. "I wish Kevin Pearce all the best after his smasher today. We are pulling for you buddy."

    Even Pearce's sponsors have joined in on the Twitter action. Burton Snowboards says "Sending love and positive thoughts to Kevin for a strong and healthy recovery." and Volcom writes "WELL WISHES TO OUR 'FREND' KEVIN PEARCE: May your positive thoughts and energy go to our friend, brother."

    One thing you may have noticed is that Pearce is often referred to as a "Frend" (There's no "I" in friend). This is not a coincidental spelling mistake. It refers to Pearce's crew, "The Frends Crew", a popular professional snowboard crew that consists of riders Jack and Luke Mitrani, Kier Dillon, Danny Davis, Mason Aguirre, Scotty Lago. Their mantra is based on the idea that, besides the fact they are all best friends, they all support each other out on the hill and in competition. Their motto seems to be working, because all seven of them are amongst the best riders in the world.

    The Frends Crew and Pearce's immediate family remain by Pearce's side in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah hospital. The hospital is not giving out any information regarding Pearce.

    The hospital is not accepting any flowers, gifts or other packages. Instead, fans and friends are encouraged to send cards to:

    Mosaic Sports Management c/o Kevin Pearce
    829 Second Street, Ste: B
    Encinitas, CA 92024

    Video update of Kevin Pearce's injury courtesy of the Associated Press:

    Kevin Pearce's Amp Energy Drink commercial; "The Moment Before the Moment". For more like this go to www.frendsvision.com

    Click here to become a fan of the official "Well Wishes For Kevin Pearce" fan page on Facebook. We will keep posting the updates regarding Pearce's status here at GrindTV.com and on GrindTV Snow's Twitter account.

    Best wishes to Kevin and all of his frends and family from the GrindTV.com staff.
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  • First Ever Female 540 Mctwist

    Tony Hawk Show Highlights
    Uploaded by quiksilver. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.
    Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins landed the first ever 540 Mctwist by a female yesterday in France. I'd normally make fun of any full grown adult who abbreviates a name like 'Lindsey' with 'Lyn-Z', but now she can say she's the only girl ever to do something cool, so i guess i'll shut up. I've never even been close to being the only guy on earth to do something, unless you count getting stitches from playing foozball as 'cool'. You win, Lyn-z. This all went down at the historic Grand Palais in Paris, for Quiksilver's Tony hawk Show. Hawk also landed a perfect backside 900 just before Hawkins made history with her Mctwist. What makes this more impressive is that no woman, not even Lyn-Z, has ever landed one before, so this was truly a first.
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  • Ride Rolls Through Rye

    The Tony Hawk Ride tour recently rolled into Rye, NH. Wow, Ride Recently Rolled Into Rye, say that three times fast. Besides creating some alliteration for skate nerds like myself, some serious Birdman soaring transpired. Check out the video below courtesy of Quiksilver:

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  • Todcast Just Got Even Better

    News and Blog Photos
    Well, I guess we'll see about that. I almost didn't think they could get any better, but they are claiming it pretty big-time over at Quiksilver. Apparently its time for Season Two... and look, they even made a trailer for it!

    But yes, if you haven't caught on yet, the Todcasts are amazingly funny, and they aren't ALL about snowboarding. (As you'll see from the cameo's in the first episode below. Tony Hawk, what?!? Bruce Irons, what?!?! Ken Block, what?!?) Although it sure looks like Quik is gearing it up to make sure each of their pro-snowboarders gets a character part in at least one of the "megacasts" they promise to grace us with at the beginning of each month. This means we get to look forward to hanging out with the likes of Travis Rice, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, and Louie Fontain. Or more like, Todd gets to hang out with those guys, and we get to watch the hilarity that ensues.

    Oh Todcast, you've gotten us all riled up! Now its time to deliver!

    Catch up on last season over at the Quicksilver blog. Todcast Tuesdays.
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  • Tony Hawk Skates White House Halls

    Tony Hawk's White House Run
    Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk used his first White House visit to pull one of his most daring stunts ever, skateboarding down its hallowed halls. The 41-year old, who is now one of the most highly recognized athletes in the world thanks in large part to his best-selling video game, was on hand to take part in a White House Father's Day celebration. True to his skateboarding roots, he decided to take advantage of the perfectly manicured terrain inside the grand foyer of the Old Executive Office Building.

    Hawk, and avid Twitter freak, instantly sent the following message about his stunt to his followers, "Here you go Ashton. It's the best I could do while rushing to CNN." Of course, whether or not he and Ashton Kutcher (a fellow Twitter addict) were trying to "punk" Obama's White House staff or the American people wasn't exactly clear. Hawk, however, is an avid skateboarding activist, who has spent the better part of his life trying to prove that skateboarding is not a crime. He spends much of his time on philanthropic efforts, including his Tony Hawk Foundation, which helps secure funding for city skate parks that eventually keep kids out of trouble.

    Of course, skateboarding in the White House is his biggest statement yet.
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