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    Name:Travis Pastrana
    Nickname:Wonder Boy, The Gimp
    Lives In:Davidsonville, Maryland
    United States
    Hometown:Annapolis, Maryland
    United States
    Birthday:October 8, 1983
  • The Nitro Circus crew turns the old school bus jump stunt on its head

    Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus cohorts have been taking the whole Evel Knievel thing way beyond the bounds in recent years. The only thing that equals their bravado is their creativity, which is the point of their latest opus, Nitro Circus The Movie 3D. Word on the street is many of the stunts were so ridiculously dangerous the boys had to put up a lot of the funding themselves, because getting the necessary insurance was close to impossible. That's also why they had to leave their local litigation-snarled locales for more "exotic" regions, where you wont find "do not eat" labels on laptops and bars of soap. One of their creative efforts this time was flipping the traditional jumping school busses stunt on its head. Just picture your little first grader in this thing...
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  • X Games Adds Three Cities in 2013

    X Games' formal quest for global domination is now underway. Okay, maybe they don't want to take over the world, but their plans for expanding X Games to three more cities across the globe were announced today. Starting in 2013, X Games will be expanding to six events. Joining Los Angeles, Aspen, and Tignes will be Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, Barcelona, Spain, and Munich, Germany.

    X Games organizers conducted an intense bidding process, ultimately selecting the three new cities, for a total of two winter events (Aspen and Tignes) and four summer events (Los Angeles, Foz do Iguacu, Barcelona, and Munich).

    John Skipper, President of ESPN, commented, "We are bringing significant focus to this expansion because we believe in the universal appeal of these sports and competitors and want to share the X Games experience with fans around the world."

    The biggest surprise from the announcement may actually be which city was not chosen. Whistler, though rumored by many to be a prime destination for Winter X Games, was not added to the lineup. Mixed reactions from some of the winter athletes have begun pouring in on Twitter:

    Kelly Clark:
    Whistler was the rumor. Turns out it's not happening yet, but maybe in the future.

    Mike Riddle
    Bummed that @xgames didn't add another winter stop at @WhistlerBlckcmb #GlobalXGames

    Spencer O'Brien
    Bummed @XGames expanded summer and not winter. Come on guys!

    Roz Groenewoud: Very surprised #GlobalXgames isn't expanding to @WhistlerBlckcmb in 2013. Canadian X-Games would have been awesome but I still love @wssf!

    Click here for details about the new host cities and more reactions on the expansion.

    X Games 2013 Schedule
    Jan. 24-27: Aspen, Colo.
    March 20-22: Tignes, France
    April 18-21: Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
    May 9-12: Barcelona, Spain
    June 27-30: Munich, Germany
    Aug. 1-4: Los Angeles
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  • Pastrana Makes Nationwide Series Debut Friday

    Travis Pastrana is finally prepared to make his official Nationwide Series debut in Friday night's 250-lap race at Richmond International Raceway, and Nascar couldn't be happier. Desperate to reach a younger and more active audience, Nascar and ESPN, the official television partner for the series, has began the onslaught of promotion surrounding Pastrana's involvement on the oval track.

    This week ESPN is running a national spot entitled "No Ordinary Rookie," claiming that Pastrana's debut in the Nationwide series is his toughest challenge yet.

    All of this begs the question: does Pastrana have to win races for his quest into the world of left turns to be deemed a success? It depends on who you ask. Pastrana may be playing it cool about the competition. But make no mistake, he measures his success on race day and race day only, while his sponsors and Nascar will assess other factors-- like the Nielsen ratings.

    Pastrana recently explained why he's excited to race Nascar, stating, "I have an opportunity to be in the most competitive sport in the world. No matter what you tell me or tell other people, if you had an opportunity to drive in the most competitive sport in the world at 200-mph plus, like it or hate it, it's worth a shot. I want to test myself, and that's why we're switching."

    Pastrana's scheduled for seven Nationwide races this year. He'll prep for the Richmond event by racing twice on Thursday. But for now, sit back and enjoy Pastrana's latest appearance in the new SportsCenter commercial:

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  • The Pastranas Head to San Felipe for the Baja 250

    Travis Pastrana takes a back seat to no one in racing, except for his new wife Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins. Pastrana learned quickly about married life when the couple traveled to San Felipe to drive in the Baja 250. In the second episode of the couple's new show, On Pacewith Pastrana, Lyn-Z reluctantly takes opportunity to drive the famous race with her husband as her co-pilot.

    "As gnarly and bad-ass as she is all the time-- she skates, she rides moto, she even backflips-- sometimes I forget that she's a girl and certain things I'm really excited to do, aren't really exciting for girls," Pastrana said after a small argument.

    Check out the newest episode of On Pace, and the married couple's first roll-over in an off-road vehicle:

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  • Travis Pastrana Changes Pace on New Show

    We could have expected Travis Pastrana to debut a show on Red Bull's YouTube channel. However, the premise of the 20-episode series, On Pace with Pastrana, which focuses on his marriage to professional Skateboarder Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and his quest to compete in Nascar, is a major transition away from his standard, adrenaline-packed footage.

    The series will document the 28-year-old's transition into a new phase of life. As Pastrana framed things, "The biggest difference in my life now is everything. I had an amazing girlfriend who is now my wife. There's a whole new responsibility there. There's now two people making decisions. There's a certain sacrifice that you make, and it has been a really great experience."

    Watch the first episode here:

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