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    Name:Wil Hahn
    Hometown:Decatur, Texas
    United States
    Birthday:December 23, 1989
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    Hahn 2nd over-all in Lites West SX

    Hahn 2nd over-all in Lites..

    5 years ago


    Supercross Update With Wil Hahn!

    Supercross Update With Wil..

    5 years ago


    Catching Up With Wil Hahn

    Catching Up With Wil Hahn

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    Skullcandy at Anaheim for Supercross

    Skullcandy at Anaheim for ..

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    Interview: Wil Hahn - TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda

    Interview: Wil Hahn - TLD/..

    5 years ago


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    Wil Hahn is probably the story of the weekend in the Lites class, as he made his first-ever podium. He’s gone 5-4-2 this season, so there’s only one more step to go for him (up). The kid’s always been fast, but this season his team/program/fitness/whatever really seems to be clicking. In fact, both TLD riders - Hahn and Cole Seely - made the top 5, which is a pretty incredible feat considering Seely’s never even been close to that good before.
    On to the Lites West class, and the podium goes: 1st, Jake Weimer; 2nd, Wil Hahn and 3rd, Trey Canard. We wish we could say this was a good race, but Jake Weimer is making the season kind of boring. He’s pretty much smoking everyone at this point and, if we look past Hahn’s remarkable ride, there really wasn’t much to get excited about.
    There are a slew of guys in the Lites class making main events that nobody’s really been talking about, but we’re going to change that. Lucas Oils/RedBull/TLD’s Cole Seely is one of them. For sure somewhat of an unknown commodity, Seely’s considered to be fast, dedicated and a potentially great rider that’s finally sowing his oats under Pingree’s tutelage at TLD. Seely, along with his teammate Wil Hahn, made up a freight-train of superfast Lites contenders that stayed within a few seconds of one another for the entire main event. Eventually ending up 6th after getting passed by Broc Tickle with just a few laps to go, Seely seems to belong in this fast pack and could easily sneak in a podium visit if the cards fall his way later in the series.
    Wil Hahn’s not exactly an unknown in the Lites class, but he does seem to be a bit more fast and consistent so far this year. Riding alongside Cole Seely, Hahn’s part of a freight train finishing just off the podium, although in Phoenix he was VERY close to nailing that final spot. Coming in just behind Wharton after he began his fade from the lead, Wil was clearly upset that he didn’t quite make it around and by all indications, one more lap would’ve done it for him. Hahn proved to be the fastest of the freight train that rolled up behind the leaders, which is bound to lead him to the podium soon. It seems like we’ve said that about a bunch of guys already, doesn’t it?

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