David Strege

David Strege

David Strege is a veteran journalist with an extensive sports writing background as a staff member of the Orange County Register. He moved on to become the outdoors editor/action sports writer for 14 years at the Register before joining Yahoo! Sports as a copy editor. He subsequently became a writer for GrindTV Outdoor in association with Yahoo! Sports in 2012, and has been contributing to the various blogs ever since.


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Skydiver suffering seizure during jump rescued

Instructor chases down Christopher Jones, who had blacked out, and pulls his rip cord in dramatic rescue caught on a helmet camera over Western Australia

Skydiving student Christopher Jones called it a “near-death experience” and “possibly the scariest moment of my life.” He blacked out in free fall.

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Maui surfers rally around a mother’s wish

Surfers honor a stranger from Germany with traditional surfer’s paddle-out memorial; Johannes, 23, dreamed of such a ceremony when he died

Lisa Erben appealed to Maui surfers with a heart-felt letter posted on a beach pavilion. The letter went viral and more than 100 Maui surfers participated.

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Wakeskating icon rides odd lines near Sarajevo

Brian Grubb, the pioneer of wakeskating, combined riding on water with riding on snow for the first time; project was about finding new ways to ride in the snow

Wakeskating pioneer Brian Grubb, who once rode the rice terraces of the Philippines, topped that in Bosnia-Herzegovina by riding on snow and water. Video.

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Man smashes through ice to rescue dog

Russian uses arms to hammer a pathway to a drowning canine in a Russian river; discovering that the dog was a stray, rescuer took it in and named it Rex

Ilya Dvorenkov was passing by when he saw a man jumping into the Severka River near a small town in Russia to save a drowning dog. He started filming.

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Abused blind elephant given a new home

Lakhi, a 60-year-old pachyderm, was tortured by its owner, who used her as a begging elephant; she was rescued and is en route to an elephant refuge in India

Lakhi the blind elephant is being trucked 870 miles from Pune, Maharashtra, India, to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center of Wildlife SOS in Mathura.

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