David Strege

David Strege

David Strege is a veteran journalist with an extensive sports writing background as a staff member of the Orange County Register. He moved on to become the outdoors editor/action sports writer for 14 years at the Register before joining Yahoo! Sports as a copy editor. He subsequently became a writer for GrindTV Outdoor in association with Yahoo! Sports in 2012, and has been contributing to the various blogs ever since.


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Cyclist held up at gunpoint, videotapes incident

Spanish-speaking gunman in Argentina wanted Alex Hennessy’s camera that hung from his backpack but didn’t get it; tip to travelers—don’t do what Alex did

Alex Hennessy and Mike Graziano, attempting to visit 195 countries in 60 months, are chronicling the journey, even bad stuff, like being robbed at gunpoint.

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Parents put baby at risk atop Pulpit Rock

Infant was placed near the edge of a 1,982-foot cliff to get a photo at one of Norway’s most popular attractions; is a protective fence needed?

The shocking photo has circulated online and in the Norwegian press, leaving people stunned and outraged at the irresponsible parents at Pulpit Rock.

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Wasp nest provides inside view via window

Vangelis Tsal took video of the inner workings of a wasp nest that was built on the outside window of his attic where he lives in rural area of Greece

In what is reminiscent of a mail order ant farm with its see-through window, wasp nest built on the outside of a window allows a look at its inner workings.

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