David Strege

David Strege

David Strege is a veteran journalist with an extensive sports writing background as a staff member of the Orange County Register. He moved on to become the outdoors editor/action sports writer for 14 years at the Register before joining Yahoo! Sports as a copy editor. He subsequently became a writer for GrindTV Outdoor in association with Yahoo! Sports in 2012, and has been contributing to the various blogs ever since.


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Demonstration shows cycling reduces traffic

Latvian cyclists dress up bikes in the form of cars, ride during rush-hour traffic to show how much space can be saved if people commuted to work by cycling

Imagine if more people traded in their space-consuming cars and commuted to work on their bikes. That's the message of a cycling group in Latvia.

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Blizzards, avalanches in Nepal kill at least 29

Dozens others reported missing and/or feared dead in one of the deadliest spells of bad weather ever seen in the region, popular for trekking and mountaineering

The tragedy in Nepal comes six months after an avalanche killed 16 Sherpas on Mt. Everest and at the peak season for trekking. It was due to a freak storm.

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Fisherman catches ‘alien’ sea creature

Ong Han Boon was 'flummoxed' by what he landed while fishing in his favorite fishing spot off the island of Sentosa in Singapore; it featured 100 moving arms

A fisherman reeled in a bizarre sea creature that was described as a cross between a starfish, an octopus, and an alien monster. But it was a basket star.

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Jet breaking sound barrier looks like this

Photographer Joe Broyles tried for five years before finally capturing split-second moment an aircraft hit the speed of sound, forming a vapor cone around it

Joe Broyles had attended multiple air shows attempting to photograph a jet breaking the sound barrier at 766 mph. “I finally got it,” he said.

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