David Strege

David Strege

David Strege is a veteran journalist with an extensive sports writing background as a staff member of the Orange County Register. He moved on to become the outdoors editor/action sports writer for 14 years at the Register before joining Yahoo! Sports as a copy editor. He subsequently became a writer for GrindTV Outdoor in association with Yahoo! Sports in 2012, and has been contributing to the various blogs ever since.


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Hydrospeeding daredevils take on a glacier

Photographer David Carlier captures compelling images of Claude-Alain Gailland and Gilles Janin as they traverse the treacherous, icy rivers of Aletsch Glacier

Adrenaline junkies risk their lives hydrospeeding a seven-mile stretch of the largest glacier in the Alps. Stunning photos capture the dangerous adventure.

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Downhill skateboarder narrowly avoids tragedy

An unidentified longboarder was being filmed by Alberto Alepuz on what they thought was a deserted road in Spain; they were quite wrong

The downhill skateboarder evaded an oncoming bus by safely detouring off the road. Alberto Alepuz, who filmed the incident, said the skater was lucky.

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Kayak fisherman eats his launch

After two buddies successfully paddle out to sea, third man has difficulty with waves, resulting in comedic footage reminiscent of the late comedian Benny Hill

A kayak fisherman attempting to launch from the beach found the waves and riptides a bit overwhelming. A passerby on the beach sensed there might be issues.

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Surfing Lake Tahoe? You bet

Thanks to a storm system packed with high winds, at least two brave souls donned wetsuits and went surfing on the shores of the iconic lake

Surfing Lake Tahoe became a reality with 7-foot waves. Skiers and snowboarders will benefit from the storm, too, with a couple feet of snow. Surf's up!

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