David Strege

David Strege

David Strege is a veteran journalist with an extensive sports writing background as a staff member of the Orange County Register. He moved on to become the outdoors editor/action sports writer for 14 years at the Register before joining Yahoo! Sports as a copy editor. He subsequently became a writer for GrindTV Outdoor in association with Yahoo! Sports in 2012, and has been contributing to the various blogs ever since.


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Army is studying elephants for bomb detectors

Military isn’t looking to send pachyderms onto battlefield to sniff out landmines, it is attempting to develop an artificial ‘nose’ that could effectively detect bombs

Elephant-inspired technology could be a vast improvement over the military's current handheld electronic sensors that detect explosives.

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New frog species is part punk rocker

Mutable rain frog in Ecuador can change its skin texture from smooth to spiky in minutes, making it the first documented vertebrate to display this trait

The new frog species discovery made in the Andes of Ecuador might change way species are identified in the future. Skin change helps it hid from predators.

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Danny MacAskill rides into solar eclipse

Amazing photo of the mountain bike stunt rider is captured by photographer Rutger Pauw against all odds on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Video by Red Bull details the many things that had to go right in order for the stunning photo to work. “I can’t believe it came out,” Danny MacAskill said.

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Kai Kai, 5, is a surfing prodigy with good genes

His mother is a five-time Philippine national surfing champion, his uncle a three-time international surfing champ; he eyes surfing as his future profession

When people see Kai Kai surfing, they are blown away by his skills. Some stop surfing just to watch. He’s “ so small he looks like a remote-control toy.”

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Seaventures diving resort is an old oil rig

Seaventures Dive Rig Resort is located in prime scuba diving territory off a small island in Malaysia Borneo in the Coral Triangle, but the resort is a bit unorthodox

An abandoned oil rig is no longer functioning in oil and gas exploration. Instead, Seaventures is fueling the scuba diving industry with unique destination.

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