Kim Stravers

Kim Stravers

Half spreadsheet, half goldfish brain, Kim Stravers has been telling stories about action sports since the turn of the century. She's slaved happily over a hot computer for ESPN, Powder, Surfer, Red Bull, and emerging travel journal Nowhere, among others, and still goes weak in the knees over exceptional paper stock. She likes her winter wind southwest at 35 mph, is serious about her custom race tutu, and rarely turns down a doughnut—literal or figurative.

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28 Articles by Kim Stravers

Rapid Response with Sierra Blair-Coyle

Bouldering’s blonde badass on face planting, “The Real Housewives,” and why turning into a grandma at age 20 is cool with her

We caught up with 20-year-old bouldering badass Sierra Blair-Coyle at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, last month and got a little glimpse into what makes her tick.

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Todd Richards, unfiltered and off camera

Behind the scenes in Sochi with NBC’s snowboarding analyst

Todd Richards has talked the talk on both sides of the camera, beginning his career as a pro rider and continuing it today as a snowboarding commentator for televised events. Now that the mic's off, find out what Sochi was really like.

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John Teller’s Olympic dream cut short

Sole U.S. racer in men’s ski cross fails to get through 1/8 final; French sweep podium

In a sport like ski cross, where racing defensively is just as critical as tucking and pointing it, even the strongest athletes can be there one minute, gone the next. John Teller encountered some bad luck in Sochi.

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