Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas worked at the Los Angeles Times for 20 years as a journalist specializing in outdoors and action sports. He started at in March, 2010, and enjoys surfing, hiking, skiing, and being in nature.

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Atlantic lobster caught in the Pacific

Blair Calkins' mysterious catch of clawed crustacean off British Columbia produces an obvious reaction: 'We were all shocked'

Blair Calkins had set out to catch prawns in the chilly Pacific with his son. Instead he hauled up an Atlantic lobster that could not be more out of place.

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Humpback whales harass killer whales

Rarely observed behavior–killer whales are known to prey on larger whales–is videotaped during an amazing encounter off Monterey, Ca.

Killer whales, the world's top marine predators, are pursued by the larger whales during an amzing scene that played out Sunday off Monterey, Ca.

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Evasive seal escapes great white shark

Pinniped's remarkable survival technique–staying close to the attacking shark's tail–is captured in a photo sequence off South Africa by David Jenkins

Seal shows that the best way to avoid the jaws of an attacking great white shark is to stay as near as possible to the predator's tail.

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Southern right whale goes for a surf

Giant mammal is photographed catching a large wave off South Africa; a reminder that dolphins aren't the only cetaceans that like to surf

A southern right whale was photographed catching a large wave off S. Africa this week, a reminder that dolphins aren't the only cetaceans who like to surf.

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