Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas worked at the Los Angeles Times for 20 years as a journalist specializing in outdoors and action sports. He started at in March, 2010, and enjoys surfing, hiking, skiing, and being in nature.

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Cabo San Lucas recovery effort on fast track

Hurricane Odile delivered a smashing blow, but Baja resort town is recovering swiftly; airport set to open Saturday and most hotels to reopen starting Oct. 1

Hurricane Odile walloped Cabo San Lucas on Sept. 15, but resort town has made a swift comeback; Los Cabos International Airport is set to reopen Saturday.

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U.S. Marine helps bag record alligator

Sgt. Jesse Phillips says swamp training will never be the same after he helped bag a Mississippi state-record gator; 'It was shocking, a little scary'

On his first-ever alligator hunt, Marine Sgt. Jesse Phillips teams with friends to snag a 792-pound alligator, a Mississippi state record.

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Los Cabos in recovery mode, new storm forms

Mexico releases photos of damage caused by Hurricane Odile, as Los Cabos residents clear rubble and hope that a new storm steers clear of the region

Hurricane Odile will be remembered for years to come as the most powerful storm ever to strike Mexico’s Los Cabos region, at Baja California’s tip.

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Rare opah catch made via Jet Ski

Ben Hyun is among a small but growing number of anglers who target big game via speedy Jet Skis; he recently returned with an ultra-rare catch of a large opah

Ben Hyun throught he had hooked into a large tuna, but instead reeled in a rare opah catch.

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Los Cabos deals with Hurricane Odile aftermath

Most powerful storm to strike region hammers popular Mexican resort, which vows to rebuild as new storm takes aim; 'Cabo has been utterly devastated'

Los Cabos on Tuesday was trying to cope with massive destruction caused by Hurricane Odile, as a new storm was taking aim on the Baja California peninsula.

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Shrimp-like creature is quite the catch

Photos of odd-looking crustacean, reeled in off Florida, go viral; experts believe it's some kind of mantis shrimp, whose remarkable power might astonish you

Shrimp-like creature reeled up from a Florida dock is most likely some kind of mantis shrimp, experts say. Photos of the critter have gone viral.

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