Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas worked at the Los Angeles Times for 20 years as a journalist specializing in outdoors and action sports. He started at in March, 2010, and enjoys surfing, hiking, skiing, and being in nature.

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6 critters rarely seen off Southern California

The summer-fall season has featured an unprecedented number of species from warmer climates; here are 6 that have been lured in by unusually warm water

Winter is fast approaching, but off Southern California the ocean is still unusually warm and attracting exotic visitors that in past years were far more […]

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597-pound bluefin tuna caught on spinning rod

A 423-pound tuna also is landed off the Cape Cod area; captains Dom Petrarca and Bobby Rice say these are the largest bluefin ever caught on the lighter tackle

Charters with Dom Petrarca and Bobby Rice teamed recently to land what they say are the largest bluefin tuna caught on spinning gear: 597 and 423 pounds.

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Shark feeding frenzy videotaped in surf

About 100 sharks pursue prey onto the sand at Cape Lookout in North Carolina; many describe wild spectacle as a real-life 'Sharknado'

A shark feeding frenzy involiving about 100 sharks, some of which were beached, was witnessed by church leaders out to catch the dinner in North Carolina.

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Fishermen find angry sea lion in net

Chaos ensues as the men turn large pinniped loose on the deck; man is flung like a ragdoll, and dog gets too close for comfort before mammal is coaxed off boat

Fishermen find angry sea lion in net, and chaos ensues when they release the giant pinniped onto the deck. Man is flung like a ragdoll, and dog is attacked.

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Giant dogtooth tuna becomes shark bait

Fish caught off Tanzania was said to have been of world-record size, but all anglers had to go by was its head; 'The tax man is always around'

Sport Fishing Tanzania was hoping to be able to report a world record dogtooth tuna, but a large shark that had been lurking beneath had other plans.

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Massive albino catfish landed in Spain

John Edwards and Tom Herron were fishing for bragging rights recently in Spain, but could not have imagined catching back-to-back giant albinos; 'A world first'

John Edwards and Tom Herron are always trying to out-fish each other, but never dreamed they'd both catch record albino catfish on the same day.

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Bull moose fight videotaped by hikers

Woman says epic clash on Canada highway lasted 20 minutes; the moose with the largest rack prevailed in a battle for dominance as males seek cows for mating

Bull moose fight is witnessed by Calgary-area hikers driving to a trailhead. The moose with the largest rack is said to have won this battle for dominance.

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