Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas worked at the Los Angeles Times for 20 years as a journalist specializing in outdoors and action sports. He started at in March, 2010, and enjoys surfing, hiking, skiing, and being in nature.

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Gray wolf sighting reported at Grand Canyon

Animal believed to have traveled from northern Rockies was photographed on North Rim; it'd be the first known wolf in the Canyon region since the 1940s

If the gray wolf sighting is confirmed–the animal was photographed on the North Rim–it would be the first known wolf to have roamed the region in decades.

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Barnacle goose chick plummets into abyss

Gripping footage shows bird fledging from a 400-foot cliff, and falling for what seems an eternity; 'I was horrified, heart-broken, and in tears… till I saw the end'

It's time for a barnacle goose chick to leave its nest, which is atop a 400-foot cliff. The footage is gripping, and the result might surprise you.

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Aussie surfer Ryan Hunt attacked by shark

Aspiring pro from New South Wales is hospitalized overnight after shark bites him on the foot at Wallabi Point; 'Apparently sharks like feet'

Aussie Ryan Hunt, 20, was surfing at Wallabi Point off New South Wales when a shark bit him on the foot. He later wrote: "Apparently sharks like feet."

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Epic mullet migration, epic feeding frenzy

Sharks, tarpon, and jacks chase and corral schooling fish along Florida's coast in an explosive feeding event that catches swimmers by surprise

During the mullet migration in Florida, explosive frenzies often ensue, involving voracious sharks, tarpon, and jacks ... and even unsuspecting swimmers.

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Kanzi the ape builds fire, roasts marshmallows

Primate known for his remarkable linguistic aptitude has mastered humans' cherished means by which to satisfy a sweet tooth; 'shows how similar we are'

Kanzi, a 33-year-old bonobo ape known for his remarkable linguistic aptitude, also has mastered the human pastime of roasting and savoring marshmallows.

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Rare albino deer bagged by 11-year-old

Michigan's Gavin Dingman shoots white animal with crossbow on hunting trip with his father; story generates wide range of emotional feedback

Gavin Dingman used a crossbow to bring down the albino deer while hunting with his dad in Michigan. Critics are taking pot shots at the kid on Facebook.

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