Backtothebanks – interview_1

Jimmy McDonald

Jimmy McDonald Interview
By Christian Senrud

What was your favorite thing about Back to the Banks last year? Skating the Banks, seeing a lot of good friends, old and new. What are you most looking forward to about BTTB this year? I’m looking forward to seeing everyone shred the banks, and just having a good time. What’s the best thing about skating the banks? I’d say everything about the spot is the best, the history, the bricks, how rough it is, how its slightly downhill, the wallrides. What are some of your other favorite spots to skate in Brooklyn or within pushing distance of the banks? Well, the banks are in Manhattan, so brooklyn is a bit of a push form the banks, but some sick spots within skating distance from the banks are the Barriers under the FDR, the chinatown quarterpipes, and the streets. What are you hoping to see this year at BTTB? Lots of people skating, and just a good day for NYC. Who are some people you’re hoping will come out for this event? Just any skateboarders, anyone who is down for a good session, the more people the better. What is your fondest memory involving skating NYC? Probably, the first few times I came up to skate the city with my friends from Philly, or the first few times I pushed around with Steve R and the 5boro crew. Why do you think this event is worth doing year after year? Because it’s run by skateboarders, for skateboarders. What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve ever seen or heard of being done at the banks? Watching people slam into an endless crowd of people on the handrail contest. In your opinion, what’s the sickest thing about this contest? I like how it’s loosely organized, even though it is a contest, it almost doesn’t feel like one. And also that it’s at the banks.