Backtothebanks – interview_2

Donny Barley

Donny Barley Interview
By Christian Senrud

What was your favorite thing about Back to the Banks last year? I ran into some friends that i hadn’t seen in quite a long time, so on top of the fun I was happy to see them. What are you most looking forward to about BTTB this year? Looking forward to enjoying a great day with everyone, hopefully they have some new stuff designed to shred on. What’s the best thing about skating the banks? It’s kinda raw and dirty, so at the end of the day you kind of feel like you earned it. Hands and clothes, dirty from head to toe. Good times! What are some of your other favorite spots to skate in Brooklyn or within pushing distance of the banks? The little china banks in Chinatown are fun. Some of the cobblestone areas on the banks are too rough to skate but a few are workable and fun. What are you hoping to see this year at BTTB? I would be hyped to see Danny Way! If Rodney Mullen showed up I’d bug out for sure! Who are some people you’re hoping will come out for this event? I kind of answered that in the last question, but I know just about everybody that’s pro so I’d be happy to see everybody show up. I doubt that would happen but that would be pretty gnarly! What is your fondest memory involving skating NYC? Sneaking into the city when I was younger. My parents wouldn’t ever let me go so when
I got a little older I would go anyway.
Why do you think this event is worth doing year after year? I think it’s important because so many generations have enjoyed skateboarding at the banks so it’s cool that this event brings skaters of all ages BACK TO THE BANKS! What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve ever seen or heard of being done at the banks? When the wall was still up some serious stuff went down over it, but I will have to say my favorite guy over the past 15 years or so is Quim Cardona! The few times that I have watched him flow around at the banks have really stuck with me. It seems like he skated every ounce of that place. Quim is one of the freshest dudes EVER!! In your opinion, what’s the sickest thing about this contest? I think the sickest thing is that every year you see a few new young kids that are unsponsored trying as hard as they can to win any free product they can. Not everyone has wealth! NYC is hard in many ways!!