Backtothebanks – interview_5

Ronnie Creager 180 fakie manual 180 out Photo: Mehring

Ronnie Creager
1st Place Manny Mania 2007

What did you think of the contest?
I thought it was hilarious. I can go to the X Games and get dead last place then go to another contest and do good. It was pretty funny. But I had no business being at the X Games. Those guys were on fire and hungry as heck. But this felt more like skateboarding; whatever that means. All these other contests I’ve been going to have been high impact and jumping down huge stuff and this was low impact and casual. I felt like we were all just cruising, having a good time and skating instead of trying to put together some routine. It was cool.

I heard you were at the park the night before helping them set the ramps up.
I was helping them a little bit. I didn’t want to be a jerk and sit there and watch while they worked and not help. I had to weasel my way in and get some helping points. It was that and the $100 I slipped all the judges that allowed me to win.
Biebel said he knew you were going to win before he even left Sacramento.
I don’t know. Sounds like he’s trying do some reverse psychology there. I skated the small manual pad the whole time. I was getting sore. I didn’t want to keep jumping on the big one. But he pretty much only skated the big one. And his pop was huge all day; it could have gone either way.

What are you doing with the 10Gs ?
I think I already spent it. I owe some bills somewhere I’m sure and the government is going to take half of it so when they take their half I’ll only have enough left for a couple video games and a couple parts for my motorbike.

As reigning champ over Brezinski are you going to come back next year?
Definitely not. I’m keeping the belt forever. I mean if I went back I can guarantee I won’t skate as good as I did this time. It’ll still be fun but I will lose.