Backtothebanks – interview_6

Joey Brezinski FS noseslide to BS 180 NG Photo: Ben Colen

Joey Brezinski
3rd Place Manny Mania 2007

Do you feel you can now be classified in the same way as Reese Forbes and Eric Koston in that you lost your own event, just as they lost their high ollie and game of SKATE challenges?
No, because this was just called Manny Mania. I wanted Red Bull not to put my name on it anywhere for that reason. I knew I’d be jinxed if they did. I did win the first one, so that was cool.

Were you pissed heavy hitters like Biebel and Creager came out to NYC because you knew you were going to lose?
No, I was actually psyched. My goal was just to hang with top three and it worked out that way. I’m hyped the way the contest turned out and psyched all those dudes showed up and made it really fun. The whole day was gnarly shit going down and my goal was just to bring that to the kids.

You started cramping up in the finals. Why didn’t you drink more Red Bull and get some wings?
I tried. I had a good mix going on for a little bit. I had some beer, some Red Bull and some water and I had some of your brother’s hotdogs but for some reason my legs couldn’t withstand the day. There were too many heats. What’d we have, five heats? I had to skate every one of them. Biebel is like a real athlete. His legs are athletic. My beer-drinking ass couldn’t run a marathon and that’s basically what we had to do.

How would you compare your legs cramping up on the Manny Mania ramp set up to Jake Brown’s fall on the Mega Ramp?
Oh, they’re very similar. I fell two feet, he fell 52 feet. So in that sense, both having fell an amount with two feet involved it was very similar.

To stay on topic, how would you compare those two ramp set-ups?
What? The Mega Manny versus the Mega Rampy? Well, besides the manny set up not having a golf cart or an elevator, I’d say they’re pretty similar. They’re both made of wood and skatelite.

Was there any Blue Steel or Magnum tricks you wanted to do but didn’t?
I’ve been working on the laser flip manual laser flip out but it just wasn’t working that day. I didn’t really have the pop for it. Laser in, laser out wasn’t happening. We’ll call it the Psycho Whiteboy.