Backtothebanks – interview_7

Justin Figuera
Justin Figuera kickflip noseslide Photo: Mehring

Justin Figuera
1st Place Bank Ledge Back To The Banks 08

How’d you react when you heard your name being called?
It was really unexpected, so I was pretty siked. I didn’t know what the prizes were or anything, but it was cool. I was surprised for sure.

Had you ever skated the Brooklyn Banks before?
No, I’d never been there. I just found out about the contest a couple days before. It was super cool.

How’d you get the guitars home?
I went out and spent like $100 on cases and shit. Me and Collin just carried them on the plane and no one said anything, so I came home and gave them to my dad.

Do you know how to play guitar?
Yeah, I played for like a year and then I stopped, but I started back up now that I have the guitars.

What was the first song you played?
“Blackbird” by the Beatles

Did you expect to see Chad Fernandez at the event?
No. He’s gnarly.

How hyped were you that he was there?
Never been more hyped.

What did you do with your prize money?
Bought a lot of people drinks. Actually, not that many people. Just like Heath and… I don’t know, some fun stuff.

Do you think being 8 feet tall helps you skate bigger shit?
No, not really. I don’t know, I think being a little smaller is cooler. Helps out a bit.

Did FS flips get easier once you got on Baker with the Boss? That one you popped over the rail didn’t seem too hard for you.
Probably. Andrew’s the best at them so…

Are you going back next year?
Hopefully, yeah. At least to hang out and chill. It was super fun.

Any shout outs?
Yeah, the K-O crew and Jetski. That’s about it. Thanks.