Backtothebanks – news_4

Back to the Banks 2008 Final Results

Spine/ barrier

1. Dillon James
2. Chad Fernandez
3. jimmy McDonald
4. dude in a brown tee
5. Justin Figueroa

Bank to wall

1. Jimmy McDonald
2. Dustin Something
3. Robert Lopez Mont
4. Willy Aikers
5. Dude with the Mohawk and Osiris banana shoes

Bank Ledge

1. Figgy
2. Collin Provost
3. Aaaron Suski
4. Willy Aikers
5. Miles

Rail/ Stairs

1. Davis Torgensen
2. Doogie
3. Dillon James
4. Timmy Knuth
5. Mike Franklin

* if you or your buddy’s name is spelled wrong, it’s because there weren’t any entry applications or fees for us to background check you on, so if you’re beefed, hit us up and we’ll correct it. this is back to the banks bitches, not the hex games. suck it or not.