$100,000 to Athlete Recovery Fund from BallPark?!

ARF is a non-profit corporation that supports action sports athletes in times of financial need due to injury. With the impossibility of health insurance and high costs of medical for these athletes, somebody needed to step up and create a more global way of helping these athletes through the most difficult times in their careers.

BallPark (yes, the hotdog company) is willing to donate up to $100,000 to ARF in accordance to views on the video below. See, each view earns a dollar towards the fund. So essentially we all need to watch this video and make sure it gets to 100,000 views (the max) and make sure every dollar gets to the athletes that make us laugh, cringe, and drop our jaws…

So, short and sweet, watch the video, support the fund, and don’t let BallPark donate one dollar less than a hundred thousand because they set that limit for a reason!!!

(disclaimer: it only counts if you watch it beginning to end so at least let it run through if you don’t want to watch it all… here is some more info from TWbiz HERE)