Catch the gnarliest mountain biking you’ll ever see this weekend

Red Bull Rampage, one of the craziest freeride mountain biking competitions to hit dirt, returns this weekend to the deserts of Virgin, Utah, for the last stop on the FMB World Tour this season. Action kicks off Saturday after rain delays pushed qualifiers back a day.

The Rampage is an event that is beyond written description, combining elements of downhill, BMX, and general insanity into one of the most entertaining packages in action sports. To give you an idea of what athletes are working with, here is the winning run from last year’s competition by rider Kurt Sorge.

Get the picture? These runs are steep, technical, and probably the burliest things you can imagine. With weather calming down and tracks tacky and grippy after fresh rain, expect this weekend’s action to get wild real quick. To catch Rampage, Red Bull has set up a live feed for the event on their site that goes active just in time for the Sunday finals.

If you need a little more substance with this weekend’s riding, check out the cool video series leading up to the competition put together by the guys and gals over at Red Bull called “Road to Rampage.” The first episode of the series is posted below.