Daily Grind: The Coastal Crew documents logging in British Columbia

“Logging and forestry can [create] a love/hate relationship in our region. On one hand it’s unfortunate to see our massive forests be mowed down, but on the other hand the hundreds of years of logging have brought us access to so many parts of the mountains.” So are the words of the Coastal Crew, a group of mountain bikers in British Columbia who create videos about their lives in the stunning northern forests. In a recent video, the crew checks out an area of the mountain where loggers have begun to work. “We’re going out to the Jurassic Zone, where we had a bunch of lines built, and we found out that it’s being logged so we’re going to check it out to see if we can ride some more stuff before it’s all gone,” said one of the riders in the video. When they get to the zone, you hear the word “Holy!” and you see a swath of cleared forest. To see what else they found, click here, or click play below.