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  • Mark Gonzales introduces X Adidas

    The Gonz X Adidas Skateboarding
    Legendary wild man, creative artist, and skateboarding genius Mark "the Gonz"
    Gonzales is introducing his 2013 spring and summer collection with Adidas

    The line will feature two Adidas signature style shoes, along with a handful of
    shorts, polos, chinos, tank tops, and striped tees.

    Never one to shy away from detail, the Gonz includes a hand-drawn cowboy on the
    tongue tag of his red and powder blue shoes who says "Don't scratch my details."

    He also adds his signature cartoon characters to his striped board shorts.

    Click on photo gallery above to get a sneak preview of the goods.
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  • Adidas and Roger skateboards collab & Film

    No Comply Skate Shop in Austin, Texas recently hosted the official release of the adidas skateboarding/Roger skateboards collaborative shoe line. They also premiered a short film produced by Roger's own Michael Sieben.
    Roger skateboards designer Michael Sieben was there on hand to meet and greet and give his John Hancock and some words of wisdom. The Roger skateboards Adi Ease shoe from adidas skateboarding is available now in blends of greys, black and reds.

    Check out the short film starring Michael Sieben, Stacy Lowery, and Josh 'Shortbus' Johnson below and some pics of the new shoe.

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  • Dennis Busenitz wins the Tampa Pro 2011

    Dennis Busenitz put together a near flawless final run to win his second Tampa Pro title. Busenitz flew in from San Francisco the night before the finals only to come out the next day and put on one of his best performances of his career.

    Every year the level of competition gets more and more intense at the Skate Park of Tampa and this year was no different, Naja Huston took his second consecutive 2nd place finish, and the best trick winner Torey Pudwill finished third.

    Official Results-

    Photo courtesy of Skatepark of Tampa
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  • The Blur Skates In His New Shoe

    Dennis Busenitz is hands down one of my favorite skaters to watch. He just skates so fast and fluid, whether he's in a park or just cruising the streets, he uses his environment perfectly, letting nothing go waste. I can't harp on it enough, the guys that skate fast: Mariano, Trujillo, Reynolds, etc. Those guys just make skateboarding look so appealing to the eye, it just paints a nice picture of what street skateboarding really is. And Busenitz is the fastest, it's like art, the way he uses the streets of San Francisco as his own personal skate world. Plus, he's got everything. A month or so back he and Chris Cole gave us an amazing display of technical skateboarding, when they went trick for trick in the best game of skate I've ever witnessed, over at The Berrics.

    That brings me to this here video below. Adidas decided it was time to make a shoe designed to keep up with the blur that Dennis Busenitz is. They take you through the whole process of designing a signature skate shoe, and there is plenty of skateboarding. That's how they test the shoes you know. Pay attention to the part when he's cruising through traffic in S.F. He ollies a fucking trailer being pulled by a truck in traffic; gnar. Check it out below:

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  • Adidas In Europe

    Check out some footage of Silas Baxter-Neal, Pete Eldridge, Dennis Busenitz and the rest of team Adidas as they cruise around Europe on a tour for the three stripe's latest video, Diagonal. If you haven't heard me rant about him before, than I'll let you know Dennis Busenitz is one of my all-time favorite skaters, so pay extra close attention when he's skating. Silas isn't half bad either he won a little something called the Thrasher magazine Skater of the Year last year, and anyone who has ever seen Pete skate knows he kills it.

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