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  • The Schultzster Checks In

    Adio team rider, Anthony Schultz, checks in at the Black Box facility, which is in the middle of a major facelift. Check it out:

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  • iCycle by SLIDER

    The next big step forward in outdoor winter sports has arrived.

    Slider Corporation is excited to introduce their patented ' iCycle' here at SIA 2009.The iCycle is a revolutionary and evolutionary confluence of snowboarding, skiing, motocross riding, BMX biking, surfing and skateboarding that without a doubt will be the product of the year for 2009.

    Slider' (TM)s iCycle is a patented platform whose first product is the KONG S.75, a remarkably simple snowboard with an additional pivoting platform in front equipped with handlebars for ultimate steering and control as one descends the slopes. And believe us when we tell you it will draw jaw-dropping stares as it surrenders to gravity, because it already has every time it' (TM)s made an appearance!

    The iCycle KONG S.75 can be customized to leverage your creativity and desires.Built with the highest quality, lightweight alloys and other materials, the S.75 comes equipped with DNM shocks, a wood core carbon fiber steel edged skis and more.

    Even prior to its official introduction, the iCycle KONG S.75 has achieved legendary status, drawing crowds wherever it appears.But beyond its immediate captivation of snow sport enthusiasts, it has demonstrated an almost intuitive level of accessibility for riders.Many who try it find their first run an exhilarating experience due to the iCycle' (TM)s amazing ease of operation.There seems to be very little to the operational learning curve, delivering the rider to a position where they can almost immediately begin envisioning stunts and never-before-tried maneuvers.

    Slider Corporation has leveraged their profound understanding of extreme sport enthusiasts and delivered what promises to be an absolute must-have rage of a product that will appeal to a broad constituency.But coupled with this design breakthrough is an equally profound commitment to safety.The iCycle KONG s.75' (TM)s ease of operation is a fundamental component of one' (TM)s ability to operate it in a safe manner.

    The iCycle will soon enjoy its own world cup event and will also be seen at a number of extreme snow events in the U.S. and Canada.And Slider Corporation has made it very clear that they intend to push aggressively for a position in the Xtreme Olympics.

    Slider Corporation invites you to take a close look at the iCycle KONG S.75 at SIA 2009 Booth W81.Partner with them as they introduce this exciting new winter recreation sport and hear about their marketing strategy, contacts and sponsorship plans as they launch the next wildly popular X-game sport for your customer base.

    Get ready to experience the snow sports industry' (TM)s Next Big Thing, Slider' (TM)s iCycle KONG S.75.This just might be exactly what this market needs:A surefire winner'

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