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  • Tyler Bledsoe: The Future

    One of the steeziest young skaters out there, Tyler Bledsoe, was on a tear last year, and has continued it into 2010. At the beginning of the year, The Skateboard Magazine declared the Oregonian The Best Am of 2009. Anyone who's seen him skate may be wondering to themselves, he's still Am?" That's correct, only because he's on one the best deck teams in the game, Alien Workshop. You have to put in your time to have a pro-model in a line-up that consists of names like: Kirchart, Saari, Dill, Drydeck, Berra, etc.

    The teams he's a part of, are part of the reason he rips so hard. When he's not skating with the AWS crew, he's on tour with another legendary skate team, Fourstar. He trades the legends above for another group, names like: Koston, Carroll, Howard, Anderson, Mariano, etc. What about his shoe team, Etnies? Well, it's full of young mega-talents like himself, names like: Malto, Taylor, Sheckler, Calloway, etc. Being around other skaters that rip, both young and old, is one of the best things for an up-and-coming skater. You get advice from the guys that have been around, and you see what's next from the new regime. Bledsoe may have it better than any young skater out there in that department.

    Check out some skating from Tyler Bledsoe in this Etnies video:

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  • MORINfocus's Top 10 Video Releases Of 2009

    Mind Field
    This past year had some stellar video releases as far as skateboarding goes. Flip finally released the much anticipated Extremely Sorry,which was certainly the biggest release of 2009, but their were a slew of other videos that were dropped. My favorite cinematic experience of the year was Alien Workshop's Mind Field, Greg Hunt killed it as usual. For some reason I thought it was released in 2008, so it
    didn't make my rough draft, but after further investigation I came to find it was indeed an 09er. Here's MORINfocus's Top 10 Skate Video Releases of 2009 (now you have something to spend all that X-Mas/Hanuka/Kwanzaa/etc. money on):

    1. Alien Workshop's Mind Field
    2. Flip's Extremely Sorry
    3. Zero's Strange World
    4. Tiltmode Army's Bonus Round
    5. bLind's The bLind Video
    6. Black Label's God Save the Label
    7. Baker Boys Distribution's Baker Has A Death Wish Summer Tour
    8. Girl and Anti-Hero's Beauty And The Beast 2
    9. Thrasher's Under The Bridge
    10. Zoo York's State Of Mind
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    This is a little old, but everyone should check out Chris Nieratko infiltrate the Berrics. Also, if anyone out there is wondering why Berra never battled Marc Johnson, just check out his rash.
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  • Mind Field Premier

    Alien Video
    The new Alien Workshop video is set to premier tomorrow night in LA. It's invite only , if you're invited (you know who you are) don't forget to show up. For all of you not invited you have two options: sneak in, or look at the other dates below to see what fits you.

    Just so you guys know, it's easy to sneak into places, do some brainstorming, and be creative.
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