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    "Service, Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment, Passion... everything you need to ride.
    It is a pretty simple statement really. Five words and a slogan arranged in a way that illustrates who we are and what we stand for. But what does it actually mean? Ten people can read this mission statement and take away ten different ideas as to what we do. So... here it is... the core values of Ambush Boarding Co.

    Service. At Ambush Boarding Co. we pride ourselves on the quality of service provided in the shop, over the phone, and at events. We realize the importance of extraordinary service and the bonds it can create with you, our customer. There is a reason we list service first...we understand that without you, we don't exist.

    Knowledge. is what differentiates Ambush from the rest of the action "sports" retailers. Knowledge of the products we sell, knowledge of the board "sports" community, as well as knowledge of the business world. We know our s#!t and it is our job to extend that knowledge to you.

    Integrity. We are our own target market. Our staff participates in every "sport" that we sell and understands what its like to be a committed participant as well as a consumer. We are not doing you any good... nor are we doing ourselves any good... if we are not honest, direct, and true to our customers. We are not going to try to sell you what you do not want... we are going to listen to your needs and sell accordingly. We at Ambush realize that if you are not happy with your purchase it not only is harmful to our business, but can also be harmful to the "sports" themselves.

    Commitment. Ambush is committed to action "sports". Ambush is committed to its customers. Ambush is committed to its employees. Ambush is committed.

    Passion. How can you tell when someone loves what they do? When they are passionate about it no matter how asinine or stupid it may seem to other people, when they do it because they want to and because they care. We are passionate about everything we do be it skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or just hanging out with our customers. If we were not passionate about it, we would not do it.

    Everything You Need To Ride. These five values are everything we offer to get you riding whatever on board you may chose. Our core values enable us to build relationships with our customers, help us progress in our own riding, and our personal as well as our professional lives."

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    Posted by sdk July 29, 2011 11:16am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    im 13 i not good yet ,but i know couple tricks i would like for you guys to sponsor me,im workin video,i'll let you know


    Posted by 247sk8ers August 29, 2009 06:29am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hheyyy i will be adding a sk8 vid sometime, im not the best sk8er but i want a sponsor please thnx. i will comment u guys again when my video is upp

    elijah masick

    Reply by elijah masick July 31, 2011 09:31pm PDTReport Abuse

    Hey I'm going to make lots of footy and send it in to you guys and see if you like it it. I'm 12 years old and not the best skater but I'm not the worst either. This video might not be in for a while but I'll comment when

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