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  • The 'Queen of Comebacks' makes you feel like a wuss

    Photo courtesy Bike magazine, Danielle Baker; click on the photo to read the Bike magazine profile

    The number of injuries that former pro BMXer Tara Llanes has endured has Bike magazine calling her the "Queen of Comebacks." Broken collarbones. Fractured ribs. Partially collapsed lungs. And a spinal cord injury that left her in a wheelchair. But every setback hasn't kept her back for long, which is immediately obvious if you read Bike magazine's recent profile on her by clicking here. Read it, and shut up the next time you're sick or you skin your knee.
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  • Cyclocross National Championships filled with mud, blood, beers

    Cyclocross is all about mud, blood, and beers, and judging by a recent Bike magazine photo gallery, the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Wisconsin's Badger Prairie State Park did not disappoint. "This is Badger country we're talking about here, and there were more than a few Green Bay Packers supporters on hand. Something you'd likely never see on the sidelines of a national cyclocross championship in Belgium or Holland is a thick jacket emblazoned with a snowmobile brand on the back, a full camouflage hunting suit, or the most insulated one-piece that Carhartt makes, but there was no shortage of these this past Sunday," wrote Bike magazine's Joe Parkin. To get the dish on the event, click here.

    Photo courtesy Bike magazine, Parkin
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  • Santa Cruz launches 'lightest and strongest' downhill bike

    Santa Cruz recently announced the debut of their all new, all-carbon V10 downhill bike. Sure, Bike magazine has tested the carbon V10 before, but that version has an aluminum rear end. This new bike features a carbon rear end, co-developed with Enve Composites, and an all new carbon front triangle and carbon rocker. To read what Bike magazine thought of the new bike, click here.

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  • Daily Grind: Bike magazine reviews Gore Ladies Countdown 2.0 GT jacket

    Bike magazine contributor Stephanie Nitsch is "a skeptic when it comes to women's bike clothing," she wrote in a recent post, largely because many companies believe that all they have to do to make an item of clothing a piece of women's clothing is to dye it pink. But Nitsch found the Gore Ladies Countdown 2.0 GT jacket to be different. "When Gore Bike Wear gave me the new women's Countdown 2.0 GT jacket ($199.99) to test out for the transition between sun and snow, my expectations weren't too high. Especially since pink has elbowed its way into the lineup of available colors. But, this being Gore, it wasn't too difficult to overlook the dainty color options and get to the technicalities of this hard-working fall/winter layer," she wrote. To read her full review, click here.

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  • Daily Grind: Bike magazine reviews sexy lights and locks

    While one LED light may differ from another LED light in terms of function, in the bike world, they all look pretty much the same. Right? Wrong. "Design plays a big part in this little bike industry. Grips and helmets are, from an industrial-design standpoint, nearly as tricked out as forks and wheelsets. By comparison, little thought ever goes into beautifying lights and locks. Rightfully so. I can't remember the last conversation that had me nerding out on the aesthetics of such accessories--until Knog debuted a handful of candylicious LEDs and sexy U-locks that got my attention," wrote Bike magazine correspondent Stephanie Nitsch. To take a look at all the lights and locks that she reviewed, click here.

    Photo courtesy Bike magazine
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