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  • Dakine/Gortex SuperGrab Contest At Windells

    Grab your board. Touch the sky.

    Super grabs, double grabs, tweaked grabs, nose grabs....it gets a little nuts.

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  • Snowboarder's Steezy Style Guide

    Yeah boy it's coming up! Snow is falling and this season looks a little bit more promising, but what are you gonna wear? Can't decide? You know I got you read up...

    Need to get boots, check the DC Park boot in black. Super clean looking and catered towards park rats. $200

    You're going to need a first layer and no, you can't just wear some pajamas out of your closet or something.
    For the bottom, check out the Burton Midweight pants in true black for $40

    For the top, check out Burton's Tech line like the Tech Polo in black/gray for $70

    On to the second layer, we have Burton Cargo pants in true black. Simple and effective. $150

    On the top, the Special Blend Beacon jacket in South Beach Thugby Icon colorway. So smooth. $190-205

    Especially cold where you're at? Need an extra top layer? Try the Burton Cymbal hoodie in gray. $80

    You gotta have a beanie, it's a must. Peep the fresh beanies from Coal like the Frena in lime. $20

    Also, gloves are really important and you want something fitting like the Dakine Omega. $50

    Goggles are very important for riding, and for looks, so peep these Oakley Splices in black with fire iridium lenses. $150

    A few friendly tips for your "giddup" in the mountains.

    *Make sure your socks are snow specific. Don't be the person caught on the slopes complaining about their soaking feet.

    *I know you want to rep your favorite ironic tee or brand name tee, but if you're soaking wet and heavy with your t-shirt you won't want to anymore.

    *Last but not least, if you don't live in Southern California and it's real chilly out, you must wear one of these. Neff headwear. Hulk Hogan facemask. $20

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