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    Well we promised to show you what was going down with DC when we knew and here it is dun dun dun....

    The deal with DC shoes was introduce Mike Mo Capaldi and Nyjah Huston to the DC skate team along with a brand new campaign for 2012, Rediscover DC. And for the first time in almost a decade, the video presents the entire DC skate team together. With newest members of the skate crew Mike Mo and Nyjah.

    Check out the entire video below:

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    DC Shoes has some big news coming up in the New Year... Rumor has it that on Jan.1st DC will unveil their 2012 team and plans for the year.

    Be the first to find out the news by clicking HERE and you could also win a years supply of their kicks.

    Check out the video teaser below:

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  • 2011 Red Bull Trick or Treat in NY

    New York, NY - October 26, 2011 - Prepare to be spooked as Red Bull Trick or Treat haunts Brooklyn this weekend. On Saturday, October 29th, 34 of the most core and respected BMX riders in the country will descend on Newtown Barge Park for a street contest, complete with grindable coffin boxes, a tombstone vert wall, a curved grim reaper rail box, and a 32 foot long cross box, all custom painted by Ryan Humphrey. The rider that can cast their spell on this course and bury their opponents will go home with cash instead of candy this Halloween.

    Local BMX Pro rider Edwin De La Rosa helped to put together a list of the 34 most bad to the bone riders in street including Scotty Cranmer, Brad Simms, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roche, Jared Washington, Mike Brennan, Dave Belcher, Augie Simoncini, Tony Hamlin, Garret Hoogerhyde, and Dan Lacey. Full rider list is attached.

    There will be treats better than candy for some lucky fans. During the contest there will be a raffle for a new Kink bike, DC gift certificates and Edwin will personally donate his bike at the end of the event to the raffle. Venture onto the OSA raffle page, if you dare.


    The event is free for all ages, and will feature beats by DJ Yamez, in partnership with The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and DC Shoes, Kink, Skavenger, Animal, and Post Bikes. Costumes are encouraged for both riders and onlookers.

    *Have Q's for Edwin?*
    Send your questions to @redbullNYC by midnight on Thursday, October 27th. Edwin will choose 10 questions to answer during his Twitterview on Friday, the submitters will win a Trick or Treat T-shirt with a signed poster by Edwin.
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  • DC's Dave Mirra Trains to Fight Brian Deegan

    Jason Ellis is bringing you EllisMania, a fight night in Vegas that won't spark any drama, twitter firefights, or cheap shots. AHEM! It will bring you 2 action sports athletes who have probably never properly trained to fight into the ring and from the looks of Mirra's physique in this... It may be a damn good battle.

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  • Ken Block's Gymkhana Four presented by DC Shoes

    Ken keeps raising the bar and it's been getting hard to top his previous videos but he does it yet again with Gymkhana Four. In this installment, the Hollywood Megamercial, he flies around Hollywood sets with pyrotechnics and a few spoof walls and pro BMX rider Kelly Bolton in a sasquatch suit standing on a ladder... Check it out.

    Channels: MotoBike
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