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  • Element Eden debuts fall collection

    Element Fall 2012
    Although summer is still in full swing, Element Eden has dropped some sneak peeks
    into its fall wardrobe, which takes inspiration from the bohemian lifestyle and
    includes patchwork shorts and jackets, flouncy t-shirts, and graphic dresses.

    Click on photo gallery above to get a glimpse into the future. To get your own, go
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  • Nyjah Huston's year of validation

    As Element Skateboards and Nyjah Huston get set to debut the highly anticipated video part "Rise and Shine" dropping on iTunes on 11/11/11 we take a look back at his memorable 2011.

    2011 turned into a year of validation for the 16-year-old skateboarder from Davis, California for his young but successful career. It's not as though he needed to validate the success he's achieved so quickly as a professional skateboarder but Nyjah's 2011 competitive season did just that. His season consisted of three Street League victories and an X Games Gold becoming the youngest X Games Street champion. He was a victory shy of sweeping every contest he entered.

    At times Nyjah was down right dominant leaving a talented field of skaters searching for ways to beat him. In his first three contest this season the 16-year-old earned over $465,000 in prize money. To top it off Nyjah pulled a massive backside 270 to noseblunt which earned him a 9.9, the highest total score in Street Leagues history.

    For Nyjah, 2011 started with the much needed reunion with the skateboard company he began his career with. Alongside Element Skateboards he released his latest pro model skate deck The Rise Up 7.75 Deck.

    Nyjah burst on to the scene in 2004 at the Volcom Damn Am when he was just nine years old. The next year he went on to win the prestigious Tampa Am. He also became the youngest-ever X Games competitor. Sporting his trademark dreads Nyjah quickly became a household name in skateboarding.

    If 2011 was a statement year for him, maybe the loudest statement of all came when Nyjah decided to shed the dreads for a more aerodynamic down to business look.

    The next step towards capping off his best year as a skateboarder will come in the form of being named Skater of the Year by Thrasher Magazine's annual SOTY awards.

    It's too early to tell but if 2011 is any sign of what's to look forward to then Nyjah may have just found the path to greatness.

    Huston and the Element skate team will be on hand Friday Night for a free premiere of "Rise & Shine" as well as to celebrate the opening of the Element Los Angeles store at Universal CityWalk. Video starts at 7PM, with a team signing to follow inside the store.
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  • Nyjah Huston proves there's not a trick he can't do on a skateboard

    As we all know by now Nyjah Huston's latest video "RISE & SHINE" is set to drop on 11.11.11. Element Skateboards has been releasing a new clip, once a week until the video drops.

    If there's one thing we can take away from the series of clips is there's nothing this 16-year old can't do on a skateboard. He makes tricks that are difficult on a small set of stairs look easy over a 15 set.

    Case in point, check out the latest clip when Nyjah grinds a perfect backside smith down a 15 set of stairs.

    Without further a do, clip #6.

    Check out Clip #5.
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  • Nyjah Huston ups the ante in the latest clip from Rise and Shine

    As we promised on Tuesday here's clip #5from a series of clips of Nyjah Huston's latest video "RISE & SHINE" set to drop on 11.11.11. Element Skateboards has been releasing a new clip, once a week until the video drops.

    Clip #5 has Nyjah first do a nollie heelflip on the nine, and then closes out with a three flip on the eleven.

    Here's clip #4 in case you missed it.

    Clips 1-3
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  • Nyjah Huston's latest clip from "Rise & Shine"

    In anticipation of Nyjah Huston's latest video "RISE & SHINE" set to drop on 11.11.11 Element Skateboards has been releasing a new clip, once a week until the video drops.

    Clip #3 takes place in Madrid, Spain as Nyjah attacks the ledge like no one else in skateboarding.

    Clip #2

    Clip #1

    Official Trailer
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