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  • Etnies takes it to the streets

    Etnies takes it to the streets of downtown Los Angeles with their latest video
    promo, "DTLA," to prove that its Fall 2012 shoe and apparel collection makes the

    Team riders Ryan Sheckler, Devine Calloway, Joso Rojo, and Aidan Campbell test out
    all the gear and give it a good beat down.

    Etnies continues to combine quality, good looks, and functionality with every
    passing season. Their videos aren't so bad either.

    But don't take my word for it, check out the cool video above with music by
    Surferblood and decide for yourself.
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  • Etnies Aims to Make History on 'Go Skateboarding Day'

    June 21 is just another day for most people but for skateboarders it's their day to blow off all obligations and celebrate the holiday known simply as Go Skateboarding Day. What started in 2003 with a few simple skate sessions followed by a couple backyard BBQ's in Southern California has lead to the birth of skateboarding's first holiday.

    Since then, Go Skateboarding Day has become a great excuse for skate companies to put on events around the world, and this year is no exception as Etnies attempting to make history with their event in Lake Forest.

    Etnies is preparing to set a new Guinness World Record by attempting to hold the world's largest skateboard lesson in a skatepark and it's open to anyone who wants to be a part of history. The skateboard lesson will be taught by Etnies CEO Pierre-Andre Senizergues and Nick Gates, Etnies' Skatepark of Lake Forest Coordinator.

    In an official release Senizergues stated the importance of the event, "For me, it's not just teaching you how to do a kickflip, it's everything else that skateboarding teaches you. When you learn a trick, you have to approach it with creativity and be adventurous enough to take a risk. You have to be humble because you could fall and be willing to share with others around you who want to learn that same trick. But most of all, it's about enjoying each moment that skateboarding brings!"

    The event is also in memory of a young local skater, Thomas Johnson, who lost a battle with cancer in 2010. Etnies hopes to elevate support for Team Thomas and the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

    Learn more about the event.

    This is only one of many Go Skateboarding Day events that will be taking place. To learn more about some happening in your area check out the official event page.
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  • Etnies' Tom Dugan "FULL THROTTLE"


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  • Etnies Brings Fresh Soles to LA's Homeless

    Etnies owner and CEO Pierre-Andre Senizergues gathered a crew of his team riders and staff this past Easter weekend, heading down to Skid Row in Los Angeles to pass out 2,000 pairs of brand new shoes to the homeless.

    The event is an annual tradition, which the company has been running for 14 years. Over 34,000 pairs of shoes have been given out over the history Easter event. And this year, with the help of filmmaker Mike Manzoori, Etnies took to the streets, interviewing celebrities and volunteers including Devine Calloway, Andy Bell, and Brian Kachinsky.

    Check out the video edit below:

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  • etnies "Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree" program heads to Brazil

    etnies reforestation project that planted thousands of trees in Costa Rica in 2011 heads to Brazil and partners with Trees for the Future in 2012. The partnered duo will plant 100,000 trees throughout 2012 for every purchase of etnies Jameson 2 and Jameson 2 Eco men's and kid's shoes as well as girl's Caprice Eco and Circe Eco shoes.

    To get your own go HERE

    Full press release below:

    February 7, 2012 (Lake Forest, CA) - Over the last 500 years, Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest has been destroyed dramatically leaving only seven percent of its original cover today. Through agricultural production and urban development, millions of acres of trees have been tragically damaged, burned or cut down.

    etnies, a global action sports footwear brand, is stepping in by expanding its Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project to help reverse Brazil's deforestation. Through its partnership with Trees for the Future, a leading nonprofit organization planting trees worldwide through seed distribution, agroforestry training and in-country technical assistance, etnies will bring people together to make a difference in this area, one shoe and tree at a time.

    etnies will support planting 100,000 trees within the Atlantic Rainforest's state of São Paulo throughout 2012. The one-for-one program plants a tree for every purchase of etnies Jameson 2 and Jameson 2 Eco men's and kid's shoes as well as girl's Caprice Eco and Circe Eco shoes.

    "We play in our planet, and we need to take care of it," said Pierre-Andre Senizergues, CEO and Owner of etnies.

    "Through our Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project we are excited that everyone can come together to be a part of the solution - giving future generations the opportunity to see and experience the benefits these life-giving rainforests bring to the Earth."

    Through its 2012 partnership with Trees for the Future, etnies' Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project will empower and educate students and indigenous groups of Brazil on how to restore their lands with the tree cover that once filled their country.

    Local students and native groups of São Paulo will be taught about environmental issues, how to produce tree seedlings and transplant trees. Together, these groups will plant 100,000 trees as part of the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project. The planting begins in March 2012.

    The Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project began in Costa Rica and throughout the course of 2011 gained enough consumer support to plant 35,000 trees on the Maleku reserve with the help from La Reserva Forest Foundation. By expanding into Brazil and partnering with Trees for the Future in 2012, etnies can continue to help reverse deforestation and protect our environment on an even larger scale.

    etnies' spring 2012 collection of Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree footwear is available at retailers worldwide and at etnies.com. For more information on etnies and its Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection, please visit etnies.com.
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