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    I went to my local indoor skatepark on june 21st. It was a really fun day! I was throwing the heaviest tricks down like fs flip over the hip. By a frontside flip it was like a andrew reynolds frontside flip. You know, high and stylish. I also did some hardflips over the pyramid. The best thing is that I got to hang out with nicky motto. He's the guy I am sending my sponsor me to. He thought I was hella good. I also killed the mini pipe. It was a fun day. When I got home I just laid back and kick it. Oh and on that day I got another bs 180 airwalk on field.
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  • Cardinal Bikes on The Daily Habit

    Cardinal Bikes riders Manuel "E-Man" Cantero, Anthony "Boy" Flores, and owner Nate Moroshan were featured on the Daily Habit last night (Monday, May 18) in the evening to talk about Primo's latest video "Nice Try," which they are all in. All three ride for Cardinal Bikes and Primo Parts. Nate rides for Etnies shoes. Manuel rides for DC shoes. Anthony rides for Osiris shoes. I find that sort of funny. So similar yet so different.

    It airs today so hit the television RIGHT NOW and DVR that sh*t; I know you have it!
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  • Aaron Ross Signature Etnies

    Etnies Aaron
    This is kind of a big deal. After discontinuing the signature shoe programs for Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich, and Ruben Alcantara, I wasn't sure if etnies would be putting out another signature shoe for a BMX rider. When you've got Aaron Ross on the team, however, it's only logical. Check out Aaron talking about the new shoe (and destroying the spot) in this video, and buy a few pairs when they come out - you know they'll be good.

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  • Etnies Mini-Tour

    Summer's coming, and it's time to get out on the road. Etnies is doing it up with a four-stop tour featuring hammer throwers Morgan Wade, Aaron Ross, Brian Kachinsky, Nathan Williams, and Tony Hamlin. If you live anywhere near these spots, don't miss the chance to see these guys shred and hang out with them, they're all great dudes.

    Sunday May 3: Louisville Extreme Park (that's in Kentucky)

    Monday May 4: Ollie's Skatepark in Florence, KY

    Wednesday May 6: Staff BMX, Lakewood, New Jersey

    Thursday May 7: 2X4, Pennsville, New Jersey

    All events start at 5:00pm.

    The crew will also roll on to Baltimore, where they'll meet up with Jamie Bestwick at the Journey's Backyard BBQ event on May 9th.
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  • New Etnies Site/Sergio Layos Interview

    The Etnies site just got a little facelift, and they launched it with part one of a full-length interview with Spain's Sergio Layos. Here's an excerpt:

    You got any good stories from traveling so much?
    Every trip has something funny for sure. One time, I was with you, I kinda got robbed - they took my credit card and all my money. So I got some money from you guys and I went to Mexico and got robbed again. It was like two weeks without any money. Kinda made me realize you don't need money to be happy and travel. As long as you have food and somewhere to stay. My trip wasn't bad at all. I was happy, rode everyday, visited places. Kinda made me realize you don't need much to be happy. If you do what you wanna do that's all you need.

    Check out the rest here.
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