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    You are the Team Manager for a major Surf Corporation. Your job is to put together the best Surf Team possible with a $200 Million Salary Cap. You can cut, drop and trade surfers, you just cannot go over the $200 Million Salary Cap.

    After you have registered your Team you are allotted your $200 million Salary Cap. You can fill up to 10 spots on your Team Roster using your $200 million Cap.

    The first 8 Team Members selected to your Team make up your “Starting Lineup”. Your total Team Score of an Event will be the combined total of all of your Starters Scores. (See Scoring Points below)

    Your 9th and 10th selections to your Team make up your “Alternates”. Should one of your “Starters” not show up for an event, your 1st Alternate will automatically take a “Starting” position and add to your overall Team Score. Should a second “Starter” not show up for the same event, your 2nd Alternate will automatically take a “Starting” position and add to your overall Team Score.

    If you're registered to the “Season” Game you may also use the Alternate spots on your Team for injured or sick Team Members that you know will miss an event, but do not want to trade due to losing Value on that Team Member. (See “Season” Game Values below)

    Each Surfer’s price is based upon the inverse ratio of their seed for that event. For example, the 1st Seed (currently Mick Fanning) is valued at $48 million, the 2nd Seed (currently Joel Parkinson) is valued at $47 million. The value continues to go down as you go down the Seedings until you get down to the 48th Seed valued at $1 million.
    Season Game Values

    As the year goes on, Surfer’s Seeds and therefore Value will change. The original price that you pick up a Surfer at is the amount that counts against your Salary Cap. For example, let’s say you picked up Dan Ross for your team for Event 1. He currently sits in the 28th Seed position and is Valued at $21 million. By the 5th event he has moved up to the 19th Seed and is now valued at $30 million. By holding on to Dan, he still only counts as $21 million against your Salary Cap, but someone picking him up for the 5th event would have to pay $30 million.

    If you trade a Team Member, you have to buy them back at their “current” Value (Price).
    Save Team Button

    Once you have drafted your team make sure to click the Save Team Button.
    Undo Changes Button

    If you have made some trades and are not satisfied with your new team you may use the Undo Changes Button to automatically revert your Team to your original Team prior to trading.

    Trading is locked during events. You will be able to draft and trade in between events.

    There are 2 Contest Formats for Event Organizers to choose from for the 2009 Season. One is the “Old” format, with a loser’s round and the other is the “New” format that does not have a loser’s round. Because of the unfair advantage of the loser’s being able to surf an extra heat, the scoring for Fantasy Action Sports Surf League will depend on which format Contest Organizers use for that particular event.

    “New” Format

    A surfer’s point total for every heat, every round surfed adds to the overall team score. Example: Surfer 1 scores a 15 in Rd 1, advances and scores a 10 in Rd 2, advances and scores a 6 in Rd 3 where he loses. Surfer 1’s total accumulated score for the team is 31 points (15 + 10 + 6). Surfer 2 scores an 18 in Rd 1, advances and scores a 14 in Rd 2, but loses. Surfer 2’s total accumulated score for the team is 32 points (18 + 14).

    “Old” Format

    For Round 1, only the Heat Winner’s score will add to your Team Total. From Round 2 on, the surfer’s point totals for every heat, every round surfed adds to the overall team score. (This eliminates the loser’s advantage of receiving an additional heat to surf.)

    The team with the most overall points per Event / Season is deemed the winner. For the "Season" Game, the best 7 scores out of 10 events will count. Should an Event or Events get canceled, we will throw away the 2 lowest scores. In the case of ties, cash prizes will be added together and divided evenly among those who have tied.
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  • About FASL

    Fantasy Action Sports League is a collaboration of Action Sports enthusiasts who decided it's time we have a Fantasy League of our own.

    We are Surfers, Skaters, Snowboarders, Dirt Bike Riders, and Wakeboarders. We do not wear suits, have never had a blue tooth device in our ear and will probably be late posting something to this site when the conditions are perfect.

    But the prizes are real and we kind of wish we could win them ourselves.

    We’ve brought together some of the best minds in the industry to bring you a Fantasy League you can be proud of. So let the trash talking begin, but more importantly, get involved and win something.

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