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    Girl Skateboards is a Torrance, California based skateboarding company that was started in August 1993 by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze. Their primary product is professionally endorsed skateboard decks. They also make shirts, hats, skateboard wheels, hoodies, trousers, bearings, belts, wallets, skateboarding films and many other accessories. Their logo is the same as the symbol on many women's restrooms.

    Girl is part of the Girl Distribution family, which also includes Chocolate Skateboards, Lakai Footwear, Royal Trucks, and Four Star Clothing, Crailtap, Ruby Republic, and Skate Mental.
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    Posted by tracyzach May 21, 2010 05:03pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Hey as i cn read so many ppl ask u to sponsor them but if u give me the address or email so i cn prov myself to get sponsored i love girl and im savn upp to get a board but hit me up ztracy2000@yahoo.com


    Posted by cristiant113 March 29, 2010 08:49pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    i think your boards are alsome and i would like to get sponsered by you guy because your the best sponser email me if you can at cristiantrujillo@live.com .also i skateboard


    Posted by bam2 March 24, 2010 02:17pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    If you guys want to get sponsored, stop saying you can skate and go skate. Skateboarding is about skating and skating awesome spots with your friends. Its not about sponsorships. If you have fun, it'll happen.

    intence boarding11

    Posted by intence boarding11 February 12, 2010 07:22pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    AWESOME BOARD. I want one!


    Posted by plgclt123 January 3, 2010 07:41pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    i love your boards and thats all i ride and sean malto is the best lol and i dont care about getting sponsered i love to skate for fun


    Posted by girlskate89 October 25, 2009 06:40pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    yo how good do I have to be to get sponsored by the guys at girl


    Posted by heatskater October 24, 2009 01:02pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Im 13 and im a talented skateboarder and im a absoulute fan of girl i use a brendan beibal and a mike caroll board man im a big fan and i really want to be sponsered email me at boston3292@aim.com i will send u pics and videos of me and u can see how good i am


    Posted by eskate97 September 12, 2009 10:39pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey i am 12 years old and i was wondering if i could get sponsered girl is my fav brand my email is eskate@msn.com ill send some videos


    Posted by zooyorkskater999 July 18, 2009 09:44pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey my name is bobby and i love skating could you check me out on youtube and email me at bob-bo-o@hotmail.com my youtube is girlelement3


    Posted by brettrice July 10, 2009 09:27am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    mike carroll rules

    crazy skater

    Posted by crazy skater July 4, 2009 08:05pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    I am a 12 year old boy that has some serious skills and is looking to be discovered and could you sponser me


    Posted by justinku June 29, 2009 01:43pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    I Love girl skateboards ! Mike Mo is the funniest guy everr ! haha hes soo good at skateboarding too ! Message me !


    Posted by kaytlynfreeborn April 18, 2009 07:38pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    I love your boards! I'm a Girl. That's why I like them. lol . Just kidding I love your boards anyway and Mike Carroll is the best!


    Posted by JOJO96 January 28, 2009 05:00am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Im a 13 year old skater girl with some serious skills!! Please check me out and consider sponsoring me!

    almost skater2645

    Posted by almost skater2645 November 22, 2008 10:23am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    hey can you sponsor me or add me please i love girl your bboards have the best pop and you my fav company


    Posted by farelle September 24, 2008 09:47pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    can u sponsor me

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