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    8120 SE Stark St.
    Portland, Oregon
    United States

    Phone: (503) 235-5606



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    "This movement has been going strong for 7 years now. We have never worn a suit to work a single day in our lives and aren't about to start now. Our eyes are open, each day we use them to view the world in a new light, everyday we learn new lessons and we incorporate these discoveries into our products, making them better by the moment. When you fail to see new possibilities, you have become exactly what THEY want you to be. Humans are not submissive by design. They allow themselves to become that way. We are kids; we will never lose that. Even when our skin has turned splotchy and wrinkled we will still be listening to rock & roll and coming to work hung over. We are here to live on, join us!

    Our products are forged from a lifestyle, one that sustains the means for our existence. We hope to deliver them to you this year in a more efficient manor. To bring you our biggest line ever, we will be running Grenade GS7 Super Logistics, a program we developed to expedite the ordering, shipping, and receiving process. This will bring us steps closer towards world domination.

    As always we would like to thank anyone and everyone who has supported us over the years. You are the blood running through these veins." - The Grenade Manifesto
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    Posted by justindel September 15, 2009 05:32pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    grenade kick azz i need a sponsor for snow board hit me up

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