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    2947 Boulder Ave.
    Dayton, Ohio
    United States

    Phone: (937) 276-4288



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    Habitat Skateboards is linked to 7 athletes on GrindTV.

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    In late 1999 Habitat was conceptualized. In early 2000 the team was formed consisting of 5 riders: Kerry Getz, Tim O'Connor, Fred Gall, with Rob Pluhowski, and Brian Wenning as ams. Soon after in winter of 2000 a young amateur Danny Garcia was added. The team began filming for a section in AWS's Photosynthesis non-stop. Later in Spring we added another am named Mark Appleyard from Canada. In spring 2000 Terratone paint was introduced. In July 2000 Photosynthesis was released with the Habitat section being longer and more innovative than anyone imagined. That Fall Danny Garcia and Brian Wenning turned pro giving us 5 pro's and Mark Appleyard left the team. In Winter of 2001 Habitat toured Costa Rica and later had a 411 tour section showcasing the trip. In Spring 2001 a very young and half insane Danny Renaud sent a sponsor-me tape. The team starting taming and skating with Danny in LA soon after. An unnamed Habitat video had begun production in this same period. In Fall 2001 the Philadelphia TF was built for the riders of the Sovereign Sect. The Postage 3 series came out that fall and we introduced habitat minis. In Winter 2001 Skylite board construction came out and Danny Renaud was officially made amateur. Spring 2002, Stefan Janoski was added to the team and was introduced with a ground breaking ad for his initial "Saber" deck That summer Tony Heitz packs up the van and takes the entire Sect on a U.S.tour called the "Tri-Sect Tour". The first full length Habitat video is officially under way named "Mosaic". The Mosaic ad campaign begins. Spring 2003, Habitat team travels to Europe as a final filming trip Ed Selego is added to the pro team and is given only three months to film for Mosaic. Habitat's first full length video Mosaic is released in Summer 2003. It is well received and gets great reviews. That Fall Corrugated deck construction is introduced into the Habitat line. The Transworld video "Subtleties" and Josh Stewart's "Static 2" are released in Summer 2004 showcasing all of the Habitat riders.

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    Posted by bobbyballer1993 December 30, 2009 08:34pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    you guys are trully the best brand ever
    your boards just feel so good and have massive pop


    Posted by xSK83Rx March 4, 2009 05:32am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Hey my name is Jordan Self. I've been searching for a sponsor and i was hoping you can check me out. I skate and im really good too. give me a call if you need me. My number is 580-471-1572. Or email me at jj5321@hotmail.com. thanks for your time.

    im a monster

    Reply by im a monster September 24, 2009 10:48am PDTReport Abuse

    Hey, im Kylan Johnson, 13 from Sterling,IL would love a sponser and will work hard for you, im one of those kids people say... Wow is that a thirteen year old kickfliping a ten? Yah im short skating is what i do, please call me at 815-718-1281, i am motivated for a sponser, thanks for your time.


    Posted by JOJO96 January 28, 2009 04:36am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Im a 13 year old skater girl with some serious skills!! Please check me out and consider sponsoring me!

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