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  • FRIDAY!!! in BMX...

    Jaumell Campbell (Macneil Bikes) has a bike check up on the site. He is riding the new Deuce Deuce (22" long) frame for his tall a-...
    I try to avoid the pro bike checks (or any for that matter) but Macneil builds are always so clean so peep the gallery...

    Long story short... Davey Watson is in this video so watch it...

    Nike did some fun little video projects with Nigel and Garrett. Pretty cool looking, check it out...

    Dan Lacey (UK styleNflow masta...) has a new edit for Lotek Brand up with Seventies Distribution. Lemme break it down for you... huge 360s, weird looking tucks, and some guido-esque UK dudes... watch it.

    THE MAKING OF STAY FIT... TWO!!! Sort of a rundown of the big names. Mike Aitken? Uhmmm... somebody talked about his "PART." What does that mean? Wonder what episode ONE will be... official trailer?

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  • Today in BMX

    The only picture in today's blog is of the new Demolition plastic pedals. Get it? Got it? Good.

    Dylan Stark kills it. It was never in doubt, but here is proof. A quality web video actually watchable to the end...

    I did not want to post this video because it's just some local skatepark fun having... there are millions of videos like these. But the filming, editing, riding, and smiles on these dudes' faces. This is BMX riding people...

    Eddie Cleveland's cousin, Loid Cleveland, has this edit that, though filmed and edited with utmost carelessness, is rather satisfying. He has a big shadow to overcome with Eddie, but I don't think that will be a problem considering I already like his riding better than Eddie's. No joke.

    FBM's NACHO ORDINARY JUMPING CONTEST... these dudes, man... these dudes.

    Apparently this is LOTEK's edit (entry) for the BicycleFilmFestival... regurgitating clips... and music I believe. But watch it. New stuff, old stuff, good music, bad music. JUST WATCH IT.

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  • Today in BMX

    Too much going on. Seriously.

    Van Homan interview by defgrip... HERE

    Davey Watson interview by fuel... HERE

    Lotek dropped this overly epic shirt in spirit of Chase's new shoe. I don't care about the shoe much, though I haven't tried it so don't listen to me, but that shirt is win and I want it on me... gallery.

    rideUKbmx issue 131 is out... click here for their web feature on it and then pick it up. seriously.

    I didn't know Volume had a UK team, but apparently they do (if this edit of them riding is anything to judge by). Also, they are re-releasing the Hellion frame (which I first thought was a joke on Colony's Hell Stallion frame) from when they first started pretty much. Cool. Check gallery for image...

    A trails edit from Deluxe's Mark Mulville. Never disappointing. AGH, I have got to move somewhere green...

    T-Mobile hosts a lot of contests. In Germany. Or something. FreedomBMX released this video of a recent contest in Germany by T-Mobile with the help of Marcus Wilke. It ain't bad... watch it...

    Not sure about the backstory of this video, but it is apparently a demo from this year at Piret... ? It's trails, okay! Watch it!

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  • Mike Aitken

    This story is just too much for me. I'll try to let the videos do the talking. Mike Aitken is a professional BMX rider who took a really bad crash a few months ago. Apparently, he was riding some jumps without a helmet, doing the tricks he always does and the sets he always hits. But one thing went wrong, and he was in the hospital for many weeks. He was in a coma for a while, came out of it, got on rehab, and now (about 3.5 months after the crash) he has the ability to ride his bike again.

    He suffered a laundry list of injuries from blurred vision to being paralyzed on his entire right side pretty much. Mikey fought hard and well, however, and is back on his feet, on his bike, with the help of his loving family, trusted sponsors, friends, and fans all over the world.

    Plaese watch these videos of Mike Aitken from his website, sort of outlining the last few months he has gone through...

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  • Today in BMX

    I suppose I can't embed but this video is WORTH WATCHING. Hoder is the man and will 360 your house. Get educated. And check out his sig shoes from Lotek in this blog...


    RideBMX's Woodward West Summer 09 Mix Tape... featuring vert rider Coco Zurita, park rider Austin Coleman, and street riders Tony Neyer and Eric Lichtenberger. Bleh, the music. But it features damn near everything in WW...

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