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    14926 Pony Express Road
    Bluffdale, Utah
    United States

    Phone: 801-619-4100



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    From humble beginnings to a modern phenomenon, top gear bag designer OGIO still thrives on the substance that spurred its existence...vision. Michael Pratt fostered the prodigy that is OGIO, and with intuition and a little financial reinforcement spawned the young company's venture into gear bag design. With an innovative line of duffels and packs loaded with excess features, OGIO dished out the inner extreme everyone craved. With this driving appetite, OGIO reinvented golf with a fresh contemporary line and a pimped out "golf cart", more widely known as the BRV (battle-ready vehicle). OGIO spurred new age golf, and recognized the vast potential of their entity. Sharing a synonymous intense direction with action sports, OGIO's eminence emerged from the get-go with the production of the hit motocross film "Global Addiction". With a die-hard crew and collective insight, OGIO gathered top athletes from across the nation from moto, BMX, skate, snow, and surf to produce Team OGIO. Together OGIO designers and athletes unite to create specific action sports packs. This cutting-edge company has single handedly revolutionized bag design and there is more where that came from.
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    Posted by htskate July 10, 2009 09:18pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Hey whats up my name is Hunter Thatcher im 15 years old and im looking for a skate sponsor and i came across you and you looked very interesting and organized as a company and i was wondering if there is any way i could see about a sponsor...(willing to make a video)...and I think i could rep. you guys really well... so if you could get back at me and let me know that would be kewl... thanks for your time


    Reply by skee July 11, 2009 09:58am PDTReport Abuse

    ever hear of Rich Rebellion? they got a buddy of mine sponsored

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