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  • Red Bull Trick or Treat in Brooklyn, NY on Halloween Weekend

    New York, NY - October 5, 2011 - Sure to be the highlight of Halloween weekend, Red Bull Trick or Treat will give Brooklynites a front row seat to watch BMX street riders take on the night.On Saturday, October 29th, 32 of the most core and respected BMX riders in the country will gather at Newtown Barge Park for a contest that will be full of tricks, and for the rider that survives til the end, some much deserved treats.

    Local BMX Pro rider EdwinDe La Rosa helped to put together a list of the 32 most bad to the boneriders in street. The new contest format is "Live or Die" where heatsof 6 riders will compete, with only the top 2 living to the next round,followed by a two heat semifinal and an all-out 6 rider final. Red BullTrick or Treat will feature Halloween themed obstacles in a graveyard layout,with grindable coffin boxes, a tombstone vert wall, a curved grim reaperrail box, and a 32 foot long cross box, all custom painted by Ryan Humphrey.

    With the Manhattan skylinein the background, fans will be witness to truly authentic street ridingby some of the most respected riders in the industry including Scotty Cranmer,Corey Martinez, Brad Simms, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roche, Jared Washington,Mike Brennan, Dave Belcher, Augie Simoncini, Tony Hamlin, Garret Hoogerhyde,and Dan Lacey with more to be announced.

    The event is free for all ages, and will feature beats by DJ Yamez, in partnership with The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and DC Shoes, Kink, Skavenger, Animal,and Post Bikes. Costumes are encouraged for both riders and onlookers.

    There will be treats betterthan candy for some lucky fans. During the contest there will be a rafflefor a new Kink bike, DC gift certificates and Edwin will personally donatehis bike at the end of the event to the raffle.

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  • Red Bull's Most Wanted Contest

    Red Bull's "Most Wanted" contest will happen again this year just before Halloween. Click on the flyer below for more details. It's basically a treasure hunt around Austin, TX where the treasure is filming a clip... Check it out.

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  • Red Bull Dreamline Highlights

    When Red Bull and Miron stopped doing the Elevation events there was a void in the BMX community and it needed to be filled and it has. Trails enthusiasts rejoice as Red Bull brings us "Dreamline", a dirt event that picks up the ball where "Elevation" left it and starts running...

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  • Hot Dawgs and Handrails 2011 goes off its rocker at Bear Mountain

    Click HERE for photo gallery

    Year in and year out, Hot Dawgs and Handrails takes over Bear Mountain and a cluster of snowboarding, Inland Empire folk, product tosses, partying, and dance parties commence. 2011 was no exception thanks to Clayton Shoemaker and crew because the typical rowdiness and riding went down just as we expected. The only aspects to seriously change up were the course setup and the location of the shit show that is the HDHR after-party.

    With 130-tons of snow covering the course, twenty-four invited riders began to drop into the largest; most progressive and creative set up HDHR has seen yet around two o'clock on Saturday. Loads of snowboard fanatics, drunken locals, industry names, scantily clad teeny boppers, and little kids with spray paint and stickers covering their entire body swarmed the lower mountain and sun deck ready to witness some ballsy snowboarding. As expected, the Red Bull feature garnered the most attention and nutty tricks with a wall-ride creeper ledge as one option, stair gap as another, and flat-box as the last thing to hit. This thing saw more back flips to bails than your littler sister's gymnastics coach. However, when these attempts were pulled off you knew it because the crowd went out of their minds.

    The rest of the contest set up included a drop in with two identical banks that would send you to opposite sides of the course, a down rail with street-style entry, "The Sender" down the middle to a 20-foot grass gap to flat, a close-out rail, more grass gaps, and a burly down- flat-down rail. The options were endless and the variations of tricks the competitors were throwing together were plain ridiculous. This year's champ, Ryan Paul pulled out a switch front flip to 50-50 on the Red Bull ledge feature while Scotty Vine continued to lay down one-footers all day long. Nick Visconti and Jake OE were getting super technical on the down rails and the down-flat-down.

    It was a flurry of insanely impressive jibbers going off and making it obvious they were having a damn good time as well. With warm temps, booze and Red Bull flowing, and free product flying all over the place, the 8th Annual Hot Dawgs and Handrails was without a doubt a major success. After an obvious difficult deliberation, the judges made up of JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Seth Huot, and Lauri Heiskari delivered the winners.

    Ryan Paul scored the $10,000 coveted first place prize with Brandon Hobush nailing second and $3,000 while Jesse Paul rounded out the top three with $1,000. Melissa Evans represented the ladies and showed no fear towards any of the features which earned her a quick $1,000 to take to the after-party.

    Speaking of not-so-sober pros, industry peeps, and snow addicts; the notorious HDHR after-party switched locations after a long run at Mandarin Garden. Guess the employees were a little over broken furniture and glass strewn about the airport runway below. ThirtyTwo hosted the party at Avalanche Bar and well, that's all we remember. We think there was music, a laser show, a dance floor, and a fan that was super entertaining to dance in front of.

    Congrats to the winners and everyone in attendance that made it out alive. Bring on the snow.

    Rider: Ryan Paul Photo: Mike Yoshida
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  • Luke Parslow wins BMX dirt final at Red Bull Dreamline

    This weekend BMX contests went to a whole new level with Red Bull Dreamline held at Coffee Mill Ski Resort in rural Minnesota. Straying from the traditional contest format Anthony Napolitan and Red Bull put together this project to promote progression of the sport by the riders pushing each other to try big tricks.

    Here's the official contest recap from Red Bull.

    Luke Parslow put on a non-stop BMX dirt showcase to win the top spot with a barrage of flip tricks. In a flawless two hour session he blasted a 360 backflip, a backflip tailwhip and a double backflip. That was enough to earn the respect of his fellow riders, who awarded him the prize in a contest Parslow called, "the best contest since Red Bull Elevation."

    A first of its kind, Red Bull Dream Line features an unrestricted trails-style course that sent riders to skies and back down again. Sixteen riders hit 13 perfectly groomed jumps in a self-judged contest that encouraged skill and creativity, like Mike 'Hucker' Clark's opposite truck downside 360 whip, a trick which has rarely been seen before.

    Red Bull Dream Line project was conceived by BMX pro Anthony Napolitan as way to privately train and develop his tricks. Given six weeks and complete freedom to develop and groom the course to their liking, builders Adam Aloise and Dave King (who previously worked on Red Bull Elevation) began to shape Anthony's private playground. The course proved to be so amazing he couldn't keep it to himself, and devised the contest to invite 16 of the worlds best BMX dirt riders to session and see what could be done on a course that includes a 35ft step-up and a first-of-its-kind near vert berm gap named "the shark fin". Top names in the sport made the trip to Wabasha to see the dream in person, including Red Bull Stomping Ground winner Brandon Dosch, young star Dennis Enerson, and sport legends like Chris Doyle, Cory Nastazio and Brian Foster.

    The self-judged format allowed riders complete freedom to judge with no set criteria. On Friday, September 23rd, sixteen riders competed in two heats of eight. The eight athletes in the non-riding heat judged their peers. The top eight moved on to Saturday's Finals. During a 45-minute jam, Enerson landed a 270 tailwhip on "the shark fin" and Parslow and Hucker both closed down the session with a double backflip on a massive 35ft step-up.

    While there is prize money up for grabs, the goal of the contest is take a step back and enjoy riding with freedom from timed runs and the pressure of live TV, on a course that had no rules or constraints. For Napolitan, the event proved to be a dream come true, "This contest made a huge impact on BMX dirt, the riders are psyched and I couldn't be more happy."

    1. Luke Parslow
    2. Dennis Enerson
    3. Mike 'Hucker' Clark
    *Only top 3 were ranked. Other Finalists included: Brian Foster, Cory Nastazio, Gary Young, Chris Doyle, and TJ Ellis

    Photo Courtesy of Red Bull Media House. Justin Kosman and Cody York

    photo. Justin Kosman

    photo. Justin Kosman

    photo: Cody York
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