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    1300 South Lyon Street
    Santa Ana, California
    United States

    Phone: (714) 835-3400



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    AJ Anaya

    AJ Anaya

    6 years ago


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    "S&M is a BMX company from Southern California who produces everything right here in the states. S&M is also the parent company of Fit Bike Co. This company goes way back and has released more classic frames than any other company. They popularized the big bar trend a while back when they first made the SLAM bars. 8x28. After that came grand slam bars 8.25x29 and race slams which were 8x28 but lighter (smaller crossbar). They also made the ever popular pitch forks and a race version that was lighter as well. Their Redneck and Race stems have been top choice among many riders. They also produce other parts of bikes such as sprocket, seats, grips, and produce tires under the company name Revenge. These are quality American products that, though more expensive, hold their own on the market against the cheaper outsourced options." - LAteddy

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